Wednesday Link-Off: Framing 2009

I wanted to put our woman of 2009 here to lead off the final linkdump of 2009. There were a couple in the running but Blake Lively’s win should come as no shock to regular visitors.

TMZ decided the best way to end 2009 was to try to ruin another reputation. They dug up an old photo of a yacht party involving President John F. Kennedy. (Lion’s Den U)

Apparently Australian summers are quite boring. Their idea of fun in the sun is swimming to crocodile traps. (Northern Territory News) Even the Aussie surfer babes love swimming into crocodile traps. (The Daily Telegraph) If Jackie wants to pick any of them up, he might want to take up croc wrestling.

Sports broadcasting legend Bob Costas might be getting a call from George Lucas. He’s likely to get cast in the next Special Edition of the Star Wars trilogy as Mark Hamill’s double in Return of the Jedi. (The Sports Hernia)

After the jump, one last roundup of decade retrospectives, some advice for New Year’s and 2009 wrapped up in song.

It’s the list of the decade… Retrospectives. All the lists about the 2000s listed in one handy list. That oughta keep you busy until you’re off work tomorrow afternoon. (Bro Bible)

This retrospective isn’t on the above list because it’s for 2009. It’s the dumbest quotes of the year. (Three Idiots on Sports) I’m sure Jackie will be shocked that I didn’t make the list.

I’m not the only one that thinks that the World Juniors can be a farce at times. Maybe 10 teams are too many. (From The Rink)

Ivana Trump may have been married four times but she doesn’t have any time for kids. Especially loud ones that aren’t hers while on an airplane. (Palm Beach Post)

Not that we should be shocked but it looks like the big investment banks set things up to hang us out to dry when the recession hit. (New York Times)

Not that I’m going to need this article on the worst times to propose to your girlfriend any time soon, you should probably read it before you do something stupid at that New Year’s Party. (Guyism)

If I had any sort of initiative, I would try to pull off a mega-prank like this one. (No Spain, No Gain)

Good news for Maple Leafs fans: They’ve won an award by association. The Love Guru (which was centred around the Make Believes) won accolades as the worst movie of the decade. (NPR)

Peter King is one of the best NFL writers in the game. However, his best talent is making up fake statistics for players & teams to lead the league in. For the last 20 years, King’s led the league in making up made up stats. (Deadspin)

I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned before that the BCS is all about the money. For smaller schools in smaller bowl games, it’s all about the free exposure on TV. (Columbus Dispatch)

Today’s photo gallery is another decade retrospective. It a look at the best sports photos from the past ten years. (Sports Illustrated)

Here’s a unique but awesome 2009 retrospective. It’s the Billboard Top 25 of 2009 thrown into one giant mashup.

We’ve all heard about how Avatar was made using all sorts of revolutionary technologies. But did you know that the bootleg version of the film was also produced with revolutionary technologies as well. Jackie won’t be happy I ran this video but oh well…


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