NewsRadio: The Complete Series

The plight of Community reminds me of what happened to another critically acclaimed but low-rated NBC sitcom. The classic NBC sitcom NewsRadio was a critical success but never found a steady audience because it moved timeslots 11 times over only five seasons. Despite falling short of the old magic threshold of 100 episodes, it did find legs as a syndicated show but seems to have largely disappeared off the face of the earth. Fortunately, there is a little thing called the internet.

So that title is not wrong. We have all 97 episodes of NewsRadio after the jump. Continue reading


Man Lab: The Many Meanings of Pretty

One of my all time favourite shows is the classic NBC sitcom NewsRadio. On one episode, the women of WNYX debated the many variations of the word “pretty.” Pretty means just pretty but there are several other words that mean pretty but don’t mean exactly the same thing.

So to make sure that you use the right word to describe a woman, here are the various definitions of words meaning pretty and visual examples of each definition. Continue reading