NewsRadio: The Complete Series

S03 E01 – President

Jimmy announces he is running for President of the United States. Matthew grows some facial hair while on vacation.

S03 E02 – Review

Matthew discovers the comic strip Dilbert and quits his job when Dave refuses to let him do a story about it. Dave tries to reassure the staff that an underwhelming magazine critique is not as bad as it sounds.

S03 E03 – Massage Chair

Bill buys a massage chair in defiance of budget cuts at the station. Dave fights Mr. James over the elimination of free snacks from the breakroom.

S03 E04 – Arcade

Beth replaces the lobby sandwich machine with the arcade game Stargate Defender, causing Dave’s old video game obsession to resurface. Bill is upset because he finds the sandwiches from the old machine to be delicious, and begins hoarding them. After a series of mental lapses, Lisa and Dave retake the SATs to see if they are getting dumber.

S03 E05 – Halloween

The staff is not invited to Mr. James’ annual Halloween party because he thinks they’re “too cool for school”. Dave and Lisa persuade him to let them come. Bill becomes depressed after a psychic tells him the exact date of his death, but then falls in love with an old woman.

S03 E06 – Awards Show

The staff attends an awards banquet. Matthew frets over his belief that the breakroom is infested with ants.

S03 E07 – Daydream

A hot day and a broken air conditioner cause the thoughts of every character to drift.

S03 E08 – Movie Star

James Caan visits Bill as part of research for his new movie, but he soon becomes fixated by Matthew’s odd behavior. Dave tries to buy a television set for Lisa. Superfan Jimmy James has an extra Knicks ticket, and Joe conducts a trivia contest between Beth and Catherine to determine who gets the seat.

S03 E09 – Stocks

Jimmy teaches Beth how to play the stock market, but refuses to help Bill. Matthew pretends to have flown to Japan, bringing back gifts for the office, including a samurai’s katana sword for Dave. Lisa is reluctant to ask for a new chair because she doesn’t want it to look like Dave is playing favorites.

S03 E10 – Christmas

Dave covers for his employees so they can leave early, but still manages to take Lisa to Wisconsin before Christmas is over.

S03 E11 – The Trainer

Bill joins a gym; the WNYX staff discover a secret about Dave’s past.

S03 E12 – Rap

Bill discovers the evils of rap music. Lisa has a problem with being named “cutest reporter” by a local magazine.

S03 E13 – Led Zeppelin Boxed Set

Matthew finally stands up to Bill’s bullying, and proceeds to go on a power trip. Catherine teaches Jimmy how to beat a crooked three card monte dealer.

S03 E14 – Complaint Box

The new complaint box causes problems for Dave. Jimmy goes fishing, while his satellite hookup goes to the movies.

S03 E15 – Rose Bowl

Dave agrees to let the staff review each other, while Jimmy takes a con artist to court. Joe teaches Jimmy the secret masonic word that might automatically win him the court case.

S03 E16 – Kids

Dave must figure out who is leaving pornography around the office in the midst of an elementary school field trip. Jimmy hits on the kids’ teacher over a fancy lunch.

S03 E17 – Airport

While Bill and Dave are stuck in a St. Louis airport, Lisa runs the office, and Beth and Matthew water Bill’s plants.

S03 E18 – Twins

Matthew’s “identical twin” brother Andrew arrives for a visit. Bill’s greed almost bankrupts the station.

S03 E19 – Office Feud

Joe, Dave, and Beth deal with the noisy environmentalists who’ve moved in upstairs; Lisa covers the Easter Egg hunt at the White House; Bill and Catherine argue over Bill’s sponsorship by Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor.

S03 E20 – Our Fiftieth Episode

An argument over a traffic ticket gets Bill committed to a mental hospital.

S03 E21 – Sleeping

Matthew hides in the break room fridge to scare anyone who opens it, eventually causing Mr. James to have a heart attack. Mr. James’ lawyer shows Dave and Lisa a video tape wherein Mr. James reveals his wish to spend his remaining time with his friends and colleagues at WNYX in the case of a life-threatening illness. Mr. James is moved into the WNYX break room while he recovers from his coma and the staff is asked to talk to him during the day. Lisa decides that she wants to have a baby. Bill recreates his time as a college overnight DJ.

S03 E22 – The Real Deal

Desperate to keep “The Real Deal” on the air despite floundering ratings, Bill and Lisa attempt to interview Jerry Seinfeld in a restaurant and record the results. Matthew reveals to everybody that he is still a virgin.

S03 E23 – Mistake

Dave faces the wrath of the staff when he makes several disparaging comments about them in a magazine article. Matthew feels threatened by the “weird” new temp Brent.

S03 E24 – Space

WNYX is imagined as a news radio station in space in the future.

S03 E25 – Injury

When uninsured Matthew is injured goofing off at work, Dave and Lisa try to pass it off as a workplace accident so that workers’ compensation will pay for the hospital costs. Bill objects to a fellow newscaster’s use of the word “penis” on the air by giving a series of on-air editorials in which he uses the word a number of times himself.

Season: One | Two | Three | Four | Five


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