NewsRadio: The Complete Series

S04 E01 – Jumper

Bill tries to save a suicidal man standing on the ledge outside of Dave’s office.

S04 E02 – Planbee

Mr. James brings in Andrea, an efficiency expert, to bring some order to WNYX. The staff tries to protect Matthew from being fired. Bill auditions for a television news anchor job.

S04 E03 – The Public Domain

Andrea tries to replace Dave with a bland, laconic executive named Steve. Bill decides to embark on a piano act, performing satirical songs about politics and angering Dave in the process. Mr. James brings a documentary crew to the station. Matthew continues to lobby Dave for his old job.

S04 E04 – Super Karate Monkey Death Car

Mr. James hosts a bookstore reading of his newly-republished autobiography, which he had translated back into English because it was a bestseller in Japan; but he finds that Jimmy James: Capitalist Lion Tamer is now titled Jimmy James: Macho Business Donkey Wrestler and is full of bizarre turns of phrase. Andrea subjects the staff to polygraph tests, which leads to Lisa revealing her extensive criminal record.

S04 E05 – French Diplomacy

Bill’s editorials become more than Lisa can handle. Dave breaks up with Lisa because he thinks the relationship will hurt them at work. Andrea, who is hurt that she didn’t know about the relationship, helps Lisa get revenge by making her the boss and making Dave Bill’s producer.

S04 E06 – Pure Evil

Dave plots against Lisa to get his job back by goading Bill to do fake interviews of President Clinton on the air. Matthew starts sleeping in Lisa’s office.

S04 E07 – Catherine Moves On

Catherine announces she is leaving WNYX. The rest of the staff offer Mr. James their versions of how Catherine quit and why, colored by their own perceptions. Joe makes one last attempt to get with Catherine.

S04 E08 – Super Holiday Charity Talent Show

Mr. James offers to give Matthew his job back if WNYX wins the New York Holiday Charity Talent Show, so that he can win a bet with Ted Turner. Dave reveals a new talent – knife-throwing. Bill plays piano for Beth while she sings “Makin’ Whoopee”, and attempts to coach her in her singing. Ultimately, Matthew takes the stage as a ventriloquist, and his pathetic act wins him the contest on a sympathy vote, getting him his job back.

S04 E09 – The Secret of Management

Bill hires a butler. Lisa asks Mr. James to teach her “The Secret of Management”. Matthew is depressed.

S04 E10 – Look Who’s Talking

Bill decides that he wants to adopt a child. Lisa grows jealous because Bill has a natural rapport with children which she lacks, but Dave comes to think Bill will be a great father. Mr James takes part in a bachelor auction for charity, and rents a duchess title for Beth so that she can bid on him. Joe accompanies her, acting as her homosexual limo driver.

S04 E11 – Chock

It is Dave’s 32nd birthday, and the other members of his college a cappella group show up at WNYX to reform the group.

S04 E12 – Who’s The Boss? (Part 1)

Lisa is tired of being the boss and Dave doesn’t want the job. They decide to “punish” Bill by making him the boss in order to teach him a lesson after his insubordinate behavior. Most of the office comes to believe Bill is a great boss after he gives pointless tasks to Matthew and Beth.

S04 E13 – Who’s The Boss? (Part 2)

Mr. James decides to let the staff vote between Dave and Lisa to determine who will be the boss, though they are both open about not wanting the job throughout the entire election. Matthew runs for floor fire marshal. Joe’s brothers show up and create mayhem.

S04 E14 – Security Door

Dave has a security door installed at the station. Everyone immediately circumvents the door.

S04 E15 – Big Brother

Matthew gets involved in a mix-up at the Big Brother program. Bill tries to get Dave jealous by telling him that Lisa is dating somebody else.

S04 E16 – Beep, Beep

Mr. James gives Matthew a small battery-powered car for his birthday, and tries to get Dave and Lisa back together so that they can be more productive.

S04 E17 – Balloon

Mr. James decides that he needs to fly around the world in a hot air balloon in order to prove his machismo to the other billionaires.

S04 E18 – Copy Machine

Ted from accounting is killed by the copy machine and Joe feels responsible. Dave has trouble dealing with his grief over the death even though he didn’t know Ted, and Ted’s former college roommate comes to the office to talk to the staff about their memories of Ted, in preparation for his eulogy.

S04 E19 – Monster Rancher

Mr. James makes Dave hire his nephew Walt. Dave resents it at first, but Walt is genuinely interested in radio, and has been obsessed with Dave’s radio career since seeing him speak in junior high. Dave is touched and begins to give advice to Walt, which soon backfires when Walt reveals his crush on Lisa. Bill feels threatened by Walt’s youth and good looks. Matthew asks Lisa out on a date, and she has trouble not hurting his feelings.

S04 E20 – 4:20

Mr. James invites the WNYX staff to a smoker at his men’s club, where Matthew and Joe will participate in a no holds barred Ultimate Fight. Walt’s crush on Lisa bothers Bill more than it does Dave.

S04 E21 – Jackass Junior High

Beth is out sick and Lisa is the only woman working in the station. The guys see this as a license to be vulgar, because they think of Lisa as “one of the guys”. Bill becomes worried the people don’t think he is funny. Mr. James discovers a tax loophole and turns the station into a historic landmark, as long as they host six tours a day.

S04 E22 – Sinking Ship

Another “what if” episode that places Newsradio on the Titanic.

Season: One | Two | Three | Four | Five


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