NewsRadio: The Complete Series

S02 E01 – No, This Is Not Based Entirely On Julie’s Life

Beth attempts to take nude pictures of herself for her boyfriend. Joe tries to find out who has been stealing his gelato.

S02 E02 – Goofy Ball

Mr. James introduces the staff to “Goofy Ball”, an annoying toy made by one of his companies. Dave and Lisa consider revealing their relationship. Bill has a stalker, and buys a taser which has been built by Joe.

S02 E03 – Rat Funeral

Dave is mystified by the staff’s affection for a rat living in the station. When the rat dies, the staff holds a funeral.

S02 E04 – The Breakup

Beth forces Dave and Lisa to reveal their relationship to the staff when she gets caught in the middle of a bad break-up fight.

S02 E05 – Shrink

Dave agrees to bring in a therapist to counsel the staff and relieve some of the tension in the office.

S02 E06 – Friends

Dave hires a temp to help Beth organize the stations files.

S02 E07 – Bill’s Autobiography

Bill receives an offer to publish his autobiography, but he soon realizes that there is not much in his life worth committing to paper.

S02 E08 – Negotiation

Matthew receives a meaningless promotion and his efforts to organize the station are sabotaged by Bill. Lisa tries to find another job, giving a screen test interviewing Anthrax for MTV. Mr. James begins his search for a wife using business tactics, starting with a list of 36 women. The first removed is Catherine.

S02 E09 – The Cane

Mr. James hosts a staff retreat in his office. Bill buys a cane and annoys Dave with it.

S02 E10 – Xmas Story

Mr. James buys sports cars for everyone on the staff except for Matthew, who gets tapes. Bill thinks that the Santa Claus down in the lobby is stalking him.

S02 E11 – Station Sale

The staff tries to convince Jimmy to not to sell the station.

S02 E12 – Bitch Session

Dave accidentally overhears the staff complaining about him.

S02 E13 – In Through the Out Door

Joe tries to teach Matthew about gambling. Dave has to give a speech introducing Bill at a dinner.

S02 E14 – The Song Remains the Same

Beth discovers that she has a secret admirer. Mr. James plays April Fool’s pranks in the office. A reporter from The Wall Street Journal interviews Bill.

S02 E15 – Zoso

Beth and Lisa ask Mr. James to teach them how to negotiate. Lisa asks Dave for a raise.

S02 E16 – Houses of the Holy

Catherine is out sick, so Bill puts Joe on the air in order to frustrate Dave’s plans. Meanwhile, Beth becomes enamored with Mr. James’ weird nephew Theo.

S02 E17 – Physical Graffiti

Bill and Catherine’s practical joke war escalates. Dave is annoyed that Lisa still has a relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

S02 E18 – Led Zeppelin

Lisa and Dave have broken up; Lisa will communicate with Dave only in writing.

S02 E19 – Presence

Jimmy loses Bill in a poker game, and Lisa has to try to win him back.

S02 E20 – Coda

Dave, Bill and Mr. James work on a promotional spot. Lisa helps Joe study for a test. Matthew tries to sign up people for a summer house in the Hamptons.

S02 E21 – Led Zeppelin II

The building catches fire, bringing Dave and Lisa back together. Mr. James thinks he has found the ideal woman.

Season: One | Two | Three | Four | Five


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