NewsRadio: The Complete Series

S05 E01 – Bill Moves On

The staff members mourn Bill’s death.

S05 E02 – Meet Max Louis

Dave hires Max Louis as Bill’s replacement.

S05 E03 – Lucky Burger

Matthew is determined to prove Max a fraud, while Lisa takes a job at a fast food restaurant to ferret out corruption.

S05 E04 – Noise

Dave and Jimmy become addicted to Joe’s white noise box. Matthew comes to terms with Max, while Lisa feuds with him over “This Day in History.”

S05 E05 – Flowers for Matthew

Joe’s smart drink actually makes Matthew smart, but it can’t last forever.

S05 E06 – Jail

Jimmy is arrested as infamous hijacker D. B. Cooper. Johnny Johnson temporarily replaces Jimmy, but looks to make it permanent.

S05 E07 – The Lam

Fugitive Jimmy hides out with Dave’s parents. Johnny offers to stop being evil if Lisa will marry him.

S05 E08 – Clash of the Titans

Jimmy is cleared of all charges when Adam West confesses to the crime, but now has to fight to get his company back from Johnny.

S05 E09 – Boston

Max accidentally restores Lisa’s Boston accent; Dave records an inspirational message for his high school.

S05 E10 – Spooky Rapping Crypt

Beth causes Jimmy’s ire when she demands a profit sharing plan; Matthew discovers Lisa’s Satanic cult through recovered memory therapy.

S05 E11 – Stinkbutt

Joe and Beth paint a mural; Lisa and Matthew wear the same outfit; Max fights with Jimmy’s new security consultant.

S05 E12 – Apartment

Dave and Lisa fight over a new apartment. Joe puts up a webcam.

S05 E13 – Towers

Jimmy plans to build gigantic J-shaped twin towers; Matthew transforms into a 70s punk to avoid dealing with his 30th birthday.

S05 E14 – Hair

Joe hypnotises Jimmy to cure his fear of hippies; Beth kidnaps Lisa’s puppy.

S05 E15 – Assistant

Dave and Joe fight over Lisa’s new assistant; Jimmy redecorates the men’s room and Beth fights for access to it.

S05 E16 – Wino

Johnny Johnson returns — claiming to be no longer evil, but now a wino — to ask for Lisa’s hand in marriage.

S05 E17 – Wedding

Dave tries to prevent Lisa from marrying Johnny.

S05 E18 – Ploy

Lisa hyphenates her last name; Max announces he’s going to quit.

S05 E19 – Padded Suit

Matthew and Max learn Joe-jitsu, with the help of a padded suit. Meanwhile, Dave plans to fire someone, while Jimmy starts a crusade against Mother’s Day.

S05 E20 – Freaky Friday

Jimmy and Matthew switch places for a day; Beth is caught cheating a CD club; Max is banned from the break room.

S05 E21 – Retirement

Jimmy announces he’s selling the station to retire to New Hampshire.

S05 E22 – New Hampshire

Jimmy sells the station and retires to New Hampshire, and tries to take the WNYX staff with him.

Season: One | Two | Three | Four | Five


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