NewsRadio: The Complete Series

The plight of Community reminds me of what happened to another critically acclaimed but low-rated NBC sitcom. The classic NBC sitcom NewsRadio was a critical success but never found a steady audience because it moved timeslots 11 times over only five seasons. Despite falling short of the old magic threshold of 100 episodes, it did find legs as a syndicated show but seems to have largely disappeared off the face of the earth. Fortunately, there is a little thing called the internet.

So that title is not wrong. We have all 97 episodes of NewsRadio after the jump.

Note: Each page of this post contains one season of NewsRadio.

S01 E01 – Pilot

Wisconsin native Dave Nelson arrives in New York to start his new job as the News Director at WNYX. His first task: fire the old News Director.

S01 E02 – Inappropriate

Dave and Lisa’s disagreement over how to respond to an on-air gaffe by Matthew leads to a romantic encounter and the start of a secret office relationship.

S01 E03 – Smoking

Bill is having trouble complying with a new anti-smoking ordinance, so Dave tries to help him quit.

S01 E04 – The Crisis

Coverage of a subway accident is hampered by petty jealousies surrounding Matthew’s new desk.

S01 E05 – Big Day

The staff unwittingly confide in Dave their expectations for their annual bonus, not knowing that Jimmy has delegated the task to Dave.

S01 E06 – Luncheon at the Waldorf

Lisa is worried about Bill’s motivation for taking Beth to a broadcaster’s luncheon.

S01 E07 – Sweeps Week

Dave’s ex-girlfriend from Wisconsin arrives for a visit, under the assumption that they are still dating, and proceeds to make Lisa nervous.

Season: One | Two | Three | Four | Five


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