Worst of Music 2012 Retrospective

There were some highlights in music this year but, as always, those highlights were largely overshadowed by some craptacular music in 2012. While the Worst of Music feature wasn’t on the blog regularly this year, that didn’t mean that music got better this year. Apart from some highlights like Psy and Adele, there was a lot of bad music other than the 15 WoM winners of 2012.

To look back on the year that was in music, both the good but mostly bad, here’s is a collection of mashups of the hit songs of 2012. Continue reading


The History of Doctor Who Theme Music (Updated for the 50th Anniversary)

Any true Brit or Anglophiles know the cultural impact of Doctor Who. The show is one of the iconic pieces of British culture and science fiction. The show has been on-air since 1963 and has aired 790 episodes and one TV movie. Each of those episodes has started with the iconic Doctor Who theme song originally composed by Ron Grainer. Unlike your standard TV show, however, the Doctor Who theme has undergone some dramatic revisions. As Doctor Who reaches its 50th Anniversary in 2013, here is a look back at the history of the Doctor Who opening music, updated through this week’s Christmas Special. Continue reading

Worst of Music: Avril Lavigne – How You Remind Me

When we first found out about Avril Lavigne getting engaged to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, we all made the joke about the marriage consolidating bad music into one household. Unfortunately, we overlooked the possibility that Kroeger and Lavigne getting together meant that they could make music together. The first musical output of their relationship is Avril covering Nickelback’s How You Remind Me. Continue reading

Worst of Music: will.i.am and Britney Spears – Scream & Shout

When I heard that will.i.am and Britney were collaborating on a song, I knew that it was likely to win a Worst of Music award. Being a fair person, I thought that it would only be fair to actually listen to it. Unfortunately, my willingness to listen to it meant I gave them far too much credit in their ability to make a good song. So this week’s WoM winner is will.i.am and Britney Spears’ Scream and Shout. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Behind The Scenes

With Jackie on assignment these next two weeks (I’ve always wanted to say that), I’m your pop culture guru for the next two editions of the Entertainment Link-Off. It’s hard enough finding links for one linkdump when the interweb is basically shut down for American Thanksgiving. I had to fill two linkdumps on about 48 hours notice but I think you’ll be happy.

Anyway, there are three big wide releases this weekend (well, by this weekend I mean on Wednesday). There is the heavily hyped Life of Pi which is the best reviewed movie of the weekend but still looks like a low rent version of Castaway. Alternatively, you could watch the star-studded animated Rise of the Guardians. Or if you want to rot your brain, you can go see Red Dawn. Rather than promote those movies, here’s former Chuck, now Dexter star Yvonne Strahovski. Continue reading

Worst of Music: Nicole Westbrook – It’s Thanksgiving

I’m sure that you all remember Rebecca Black of the YouTube sensation Friday. Well, the heartless and soulless producer of Friday is back with a new viral song for our listening pleasure. Wait, did I say pleasure? This new song might actually be worse than Friday. The writer of Friday is back under the PMW Live label with a song by Nicole Westbrook called It’s Thanksgiving. Continue reading

The Top Ten James Bond Theme Songs (Updated For Skyfall)

Some three years ago, I put together a list of the ten best James Bond movie theme songs. With the release of Skyfall next week and a very good theme song by Adele, people have been talking about what the best Bond themes are and where Skyfall would land on that list. So here’s our officially unofficial list of the best Bond themes of all-time. Continue reading

Worst of Music: Gnesa – Wilder

I felt like that classic Fry meme after watching this week’s Worst of Music winner’s video. I’m not sure if we’re being trolled or this is a legitimate attempt to make a music video. Normally, it’s pretty obvious if something is a parody or not. In this case, I have no idea what is going on. This week’s WoM winner is by a singer named Gnesa with her first song called Wilder. Continue reading

Worst of Music: Kris Jenner – I Love My Friends

After sparking just a tiny bit of angry discussion with the last edition of the WoM, I think this one will go over just a bit easier. Unless you aren’t deaf. In that case, you’ll curse me until the day you die. That’s because we have the matriarch of the Kardashian/Jenner clan singing her previously completely forgotten song I Love My Friends. Continue reading

Worst of Music: Nikki Yanofsky – I Believe

It’s Day 10 of the London 2012 Olympics and I’ve had enough of Canada winning medals. It has nothing to do with hating my country. I think our athletes are doing amazing despite the media’s initial doom and gloom. No, my problem is the awful, clichéd, melodramatic song that CTV plays over a melodramatic highlights package after every Canadian medal victory. So for ruining my enjoyment of both the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and London 2012 Summer Olympics, this week’s worst of music is CTV’s Olympic theme song I Believe by Nikki Yanofsky. Continue reading