Worst of Music: Nicole Westbrook – It’s Thanksgiving

I’m sure that you all remember Rebecca Black of the YouTube sensation Friday. Well, the heartless and soulless producer of Friday is back with a new viral song for our listening pleasure. Wait, did I say pleasure? This new song might actually be worse than Friday. The writer of Friday is back under the PMW Live label with a song by Nicole Westbrook called It’s Thanksgiving. Continue reading

Worst of Music: Rebecca Black – My Moment

Guess who’s back? A couple of weeks after we had Ark Music Factory’s latest “star,” we have the return of Ark’s original internet sensation, Rebecca Black. She seems to have taken note of all the criticism lobbed her and Ark’s way from Friday and dismissed it. And that leads us to this week’s Worst of Music from Rebecca Black called My Moment. Continue reading

Worst of Music: Lexi St. George – Dancing to the Rhythm

Remember Ark Music Factory? They’re the soulless bastards that unleashed Rebecca Black on us. Well, with the encouragement of Good Morning America, they’re trying to make another teenager an overnight sensation. This time, CEO Patrice Wilson found his next superstar at a mall rather than thanks to her father’s wallet. This time, we’ve got Lexi St. George and her Ark-produced song Dancing to the Rhythm. God help us all. Continue reading

Worst of Music: Rebecca Black – Friday

Normally I go to the Billboard Hot 100 to pick the WoM each week. This week, Twitter made my choice for me thanks to the week’s big musical trending topic. Rebecca Black is a 13-year-old girl whose father bought her a song produced by a company that specializes in producing songs for teens. Maybe Daddy should have held on to his money because the end result of Rebecca and Ark Music Factory is nothing short of atrocious. This week’s WoM is Rebecca Black’s Friday. Continue reading