Worst of Music: Nikki Yanofsky – I Believe

It’s Day 10 of the London 2012 Olympics and I’ve had enough of Canada winning medals. It has nothing to do with hating my country. I think our athletes are doing amazing despite the media’s initial doom and gloom. No, my problem is the awful, clichéd, melodramatic song that CTV plays over a melodramatic highlights package after every Canadian medal victory. So for ruining my enjoyment of both the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and London 2012 Summer Olympics, this week’s worst of music is CTV’s Olympic theme song I Believe by Nikki Yanofsky.

As you might have guessed from my introduction to this edition of the WoM, my problem with I Believe isn’t Nikki Yanofsky’s singing as it is the lyrics and the context. I realize that the Olympics aren’t portrayed by the sports media as an athletic competition but some sort of sappy human interest story that happens to involve participation in some sort of sporting event. This song plays right into that melodramatic portrayal of the Olympics that the media loves so much. The lyrics don’t seem to mean much but they sound like they fit when played over an Olympics highlight package. For my money, I prefer the instrumental version of the song used as an intro to the broadcasts.

And, Nikki, I don’t believe in the power of you and I. I believe in the power of a group of well-trained athletes highly motivated to represent their country in a major international athletic competition. You and I didn’t win any medals. A group of athletes wearing the maple leaf on their chest won those medals.

So congrats, Nikki and CTV. You’ve won the prestigious Worst of Music award for this week.

Have a better WoM candidate for next week? Drop it in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Worst of Music: Nikki Yanofsky – I Believe

  1. Steve, What a negative jerk you are! A prefect example of blogging by someone who maybe should not be blogging, manufacturing an issue by creating a unneccesarily negative angle-you come off as a clueless and boorish hater. But, the last laugh may be on you. The tweets on Nikki and her olympic “I believe” are running over 90% positive, including many positivre comments by the athletes. The song has even returned to the #1 single chart position in Canada e.g. on itunes. The response from the people speaks for itself! Nikki does a great job, and the song “I Believe” is brililant for it’s purpose-there have been no other olympic themes of any merit any year, anywehere. In your simple-minded way, you view the song out of context-at the time of actual competition and the pumped-up motivation and Canadian national pride, there is nothing “sappy” about it. It was, no doubt, very difficult to create such a song and delivery that “works.” Instead of appreciating that, you an only seek to diminish with your small mind and large ego. When it comes to you as a blogger-“I DON’T believe!”


    • Oh Robert. I’m going to have fun dissecting the complete lack of facts in your comment. Normally, I wouldn’t respond to a troll but between this and your email, you seem so insistent for me to lay the smackdown on you.

      First, Robert, I believe there’s a typo in your comment. Namely, I’m referring to your name. Your last name is actually Pot. I don’t think you are any less of a “negative jerk” than I was.

      Second, my opinion column contains the same number of facts as your comment. I checked the Canadian Billboard charts, which is really the only official way to track the commercial success of a song because no gold or platinum awards are handed out solely based on iTunes data. I Believe didn’t even chart in the Top 50 (the publicly available portion of the chart). I can also tell you that you’re the only person with a negative comment about my take on I Believe implying that less than 10% of readers of this blog like this song or the exact opposite of your assertion that more than 90% of people like this song. I can also assure you that greater than 90% of the people I know won’t be heartbroken to never hear this song again. By the way, where did you get that number? Is this a guess or can you post some hard data from an independent source to back that up?

      Third, how many Olympic medals have you won? Logic dictates that it would be the same number of medals as I have won: ZERO! We aren’t winning medals. We didn’t help train Derek Drouin or physically help him jump his way to bronze. Nothing you or I did helped Rosie MacLennan win a gold medal in trampoline.

      Fourth, Nikki neither wrote nor produced the song. Stephan Moccio and Alan Frew wrote it. Moccio, Phil Ramone and Jesse Harris produced it. Nikki just sang it. Don’t give her sole credit for making it work. If you think a song works, don’t ignore the hard work of all the people you can’t hear singing who did just as much, if not more, to make a song “work.”

      Finally, great songs don’t need context to be great. A song that is great can withstand the test of time. The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan and many, many more have great songs that are just as great now as they were when they were first released. This song will be a footnote in Canadian music in two years when the CBC broadcasts the Sochi Olympics. Will you come back to this post and lament the loss of I Believe? Of course not. It’s just a made-for-TV song. This song only exists because of context. If songs were only evaluated based on context, there’d be no such thing as an all-time great song. I’m guessing you’ve never heard Like A Rolling Stone, though.

      In conclusion, Rob, I believe that you like this song. You’re entitled to your opinion. I disagree with it but it’s the internet so I understand why you felt obligated to go into a long diatribe about why you believe that I am your intellectual inferior (though my last IQ test measured me at 126 at the age of eight so take that for what you will). At the end of the day, I think this song is a tribute to the mainstream media who likes to play up the “human drama” of the Olympics rather than let it stand on its own as a celebration of sport. I see that you clearly aren’t into the Olympics for the sport either.


      • wow! What a narcissistic rant from you! I am a psychologist, and I know them when see them! You are a much bigger jerk than I could have even imagined. I do not feel smackdowned or dissected by your reply. Your egomaniacal rant and narcissism is so unexpected, way over the top and frankly pathological for anyone presenting their thoughts in public that I don’t think you can be taken seriously. i think you are too clueless to be embarressed or understand how you come off to others-a narcissistic trait. You assume things about me and what I said that are not true-i.e. I know Nkki did not write the song-was commenting just on her performance. The song will last and NOT be forgotten. She is starting a wonderful, diverse career and will be considered a great artist in mutiple genres, even eventually as an actress. In the popularity of the song, I was refering only to itunes. The 90% figure for tweets comes from my monitoring of many tweets about her and the olympics-of course no one has made a formal statistical summary of the tweets. I don’t usually go into a “long diatribe” but you deserve some extended feedback because you are so extreme and mean-spirited, and other readers might benefit from taking your comments from a different perspective. “How many medals have you won?” is almost bizarre thinking. Some of your original points and also in your reply soumd like they are coming from an individual emotionally at perhaps a low teenage or late single digit emotional age level. You don’t make a lot of sense with your arguements, and you seem to have a personality disorder that leads you to be mean-sprited, passive-agressive and hurtful to others to build your ego and create some sort of controversial and ascerbic identity as a blogger. Look up narcissism if you are not completely familiar with the concept-it is your badge. There is no point in attempting to discuss any further logic or factual points with you. I think some of your readers may also be surprised and shocked by the content of your reply to me.


    • What a prissy, prissy man you are, Rob.

      Although–not too prissy to have something of an inappropriate crush on Pukki Yanofsky, I’m betting.

      Oh, and, Steve, I’m *shocked* at some of the content in your reply to Rob. Just shocked. And surprised.


  2. I have enough too.. I’m done. This song has been passed hundred times at CTV and my brain is about to explode.. This is a real brainwashing.. I’m sure that this song’s music CD’s sales will increase.. I think I’ll stop about watchin poor CTV Olympic coverage..stop watching Canada choking (65 percent of their medals are bronze and they are 33rd.. )… and take some Advils!


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