Man Lab Showdown: Kelly Brook vs. Rosie Jones

The 2012 Summer Olympics in London officially wrap-up on Sunday. That seemed like an appropriate occasion to use as a theme for this month’s Man Lab Showdown. This time, we have a couple of British models facing-off. In one corner is Kent-born Kelly Brook who is one of the most famous British glamour models and FHM’s 2005 sexiest woman in the world. In the other corner is up-and-coming model Rosie Jones from the small town of Sunbury-on-Thames who was Nuts Magazine’s 2010 sexiest woman.

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F1 British GP: Seeing Red (Bull)

From the start of the race, it appeared as though Fernando Alonso would storm off to his second-straight win. However, the race isn’t won until the drop of the checkered flag. A poor call on strategy cost Alonso the race as Red Bull outsmarted Ferrari which allowed Mark Webber to pick up his second win of the season. Continue reading

F1 Power Rankings: British Grand Prix

The ninth round of the 2012 Formula One World Championship brings the series home to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix. With eight teams having factories located in England, this race is the de facto home race for not just most of the teams but essentially the whole series. If you were to rank the races by prestige, this race would definitely be on the podium so everyone will be gunning for the win this weekend. Continue reading

F1 Power Rankings: British Grand Prix

We’re only 13 months from the 2012 Olympics. But nobody really cares right now because Formula One has come home for its most historic World Championship race at a disused airfield in Northamptonshire. In fact, the British Grand Prix at Silverstone was the first F1 World Championship race of the inaugural 1950 season. Speaking of history, that’s what Sebastian Vettel seems to be destined to make. He’s finished in the top two in each of the season’s eight races to go with seven poles and a three-race lead in the points. Continue reading

Soccer Night In South Africa: Rivalries Renewed

It was a day of intrigue and controversy at the 2010 World Cup today. Two pairs of rivals met to determine who would go on and who would go home. The biggest story of the day, as seems so often the case, was the referees. A disallowed goal in one game and an allowed goal in the other was likely the deciding factor in each match. Continue reading

Soccer Night In South Africa: One Last Gasp

Two more groups were decided in today’s action at the 2010 World Cup. At the start of the day, eight teams were in contention to make the second round but only four could advance. Even more amazing was that one team advanced on a last second goal that brought one nation to its feet and another to tears. Continue reading

Soccer Night In South Africa: Tough To Be Favoured

The Germans, Americans and English were all favoured for victory today by the pundits. But if this year’s World Cup has taught us anything so far, it’s that nothing comes easy in football and this tournament is far from predictable. The three favourites finished the day winless but only one walked away today without any points added to their tally. Continue reading

Soccer Night In South Africa: Keeping It Close

Two lacklustre games on the first day of action at the 2010 World Cup gave way to three thrilling games on day two. Action got better as the day went along with the much anticipated game between England and the United States. But it wasn’t the strikers who were the stars of the games today but the goalkeepers who starred today. Continue reading

Not News of the Week

Remember: If it’s not worth talking about, then it’s definitely not news. This week’s Not News theme is booze and porn. Things that actually come up quite often on the radio show.

The Beer on the Wye festival in Herefordshire, England was supposed to run until Sunday night before they ran into a problem. They had a bigger turnout than expect that drank more per person than expected and ran the taps dry on Saturday. The organizers thought they had enough beer to handle the larger crowd (30% larger than the previous year’s) but ordered another 200 gallons of beer on Saturday just in case it was needed. Turns out that it wasn’t enough. Unfortunately that meant the cancellation of Sunday’s Family Day at the beer festival. Continue reading