Sunday Link-Off: Definitely Not Hipster

I think Jackie had the wrong piece of eye candy from Piranha 3D yesterday. Clearly, he should have gone with Kelly Brook. And that title is a carry forward of the theme of our latest Lowdown BlogCast taping.

Fantasy football drafts are upcoming. Here’s a handy guide for helping you come up with a good team name. (Kissing Suzy Kolber)

One of the great sports debates is who is the greatest announcer of all time. Well, there’s finally a list of the greatest announcers in every sports. (Fang’s Bites) If there was a list for the OUA, clearly I’d top it as the only man to call three OUA championship games in a season.

Fans of Pardon the Interruption and people that watch Around the Horn (because I don’t think anyone actually likes that show) know the name Tony Reali. Well, turns out that he’s a bit of a total douche. (Deuce of Davenport)

After the jump, lots on Gran Turismo 5, fun tech stuff, and how to properly dispose of a Guitar Hero controller.

In case you hadn’t heard, Brett Favre’s back again. Stephen Colbert isn’t exactly the most receptive to unretirement number 57. (Fanhouse)

The NHL just held their R&D camp to test out new rules. In honour of other rules changes that the NHL has made, here are the Top 10 rules that were inspired by players. (Puck Daddy)

Good news: Interweb is in the new Oxford English Dictionary. It’s about time that a word I’ve championed is official. (National Post)

Remember my number one rule of blogging? Any good link about Bill Murray gets posted. Here’s a look at cuz’s top six movie roles. (Unreality)

Here’s a fun little tech piece for nerds like me. Are solid state drives worth the money to upgrade? (Lifehacker)

More fun tech stuff: Someone made a GPS app for Google Android that acts like an X-Wing targeting computer. (Gizmodo) Use the force, Luke.

This week’s big internet hoax was the KFC Skinwich. Five layers of the Colonel’s secret recipe fried chicken skin on a bun. I don’t think that KFC could handle all the negligent manslaughter due to clogged arteries lawsuits if it was real. (Brain Residue)

Gamescom 2010 was last week in Germany. There were plenty of big announcements including Mass Effect 2 coming to PS3. However, slightly more exciting is that the set list for Rock Band 3 was leaked. (Rock Band Aide)

Some details were also leaked about Gran Turismo 5. (Kotaku)

Polyphony Digital were also kind enough to release more screenshots than you can shake a Prius at. (Kotaku) Then they released some more. (Kotaku) If there’s one game that I’m going to pre-order this year, this is the one.

Here’s a hypothetical for you: What if there were Facebook statuses for historical events. (Cool Material)

A new car themed hotel just opened in Germany. It’s… interesting. Let’s just say that this won’t be much of a romantic getaway. (Daily Telegraph)

Since I mentioned Rock Band 3, it’s worth mentioning that it’s going to have an all new Pro Mode that will teach you how to really play instruments. So what should you do with all your old plastic guitars? Something like this.

I’ve sure you’ve heard that the new compostable Sun Chips bag is a bit louder than your average chip bag. But how much louder might surprise you.

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