Wednesday Link-Off: We Are All on Drugs

kelly-brook-newlook13-01Well, the moment we’ve been waiting for finally arrived… Sorta. We were hoping for the Rob Ford crack tape but we still got fairly close. Well, let’s get right to the action. First, here’s Kelly Brook.

Toronto mayor Rob Ford confessed to smoking crack cocaine. Tell us something we don’t know. (Toronto Sun)

Even with the confession, we’re still expecting more big noise from the Rob Ford investigation. (Toronto Star)

One of those bombshells is that the mayor’s office hired a hacker to recover the crack tape. (Vice)

And Ford is believed to be covering the utility expense costs at the house from infamous photo that led into the tape scandal. (Toronto Star)

Just because Toronto media us having a good run with Rob Ford doesn’t mean that everyone is. A column in the Boston Globe will restore your faith in terrible news writing. (The Atlantic)

Major League Baseball and Alex Rodriguez’s war against each other is continuing as they battle over A-Rod’s drugs suspension. (New York Times)

Baseball player Adrian Cardenas recently retired from the game. Why did he make that choice? (New Yorker)

Chris Bosh has many more interests than just being the third wheel on the Miami Heat. He’s also interested in coding. (Wired)

Good news! There won’t be a Sriracha shortage. Yes, this was a massive concern. (Time)

Here’s a unique legal defense. The lawyer of a Canadian man charged with insulting in the UAE is using the “fuck off” isn’t an insult in Canada defense. It’s basically the Chewbacca defense. (UPI)

An editor for the Michelin food guide wants people to stop using the term gastropub. But how else are we going to know which pubs serve proper food and which serve shitty food straight from the freezer. (Eater)

We all know that David Hasselhoff sings but have you heard him sing the Fresh Prince theme?

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