Sunday Link-Off: Fortunate Son

In honour of all the Comic Con coverage that we’ve got on the blog this week, here’s Kelly Brook in a Princess Leia bikini. Well, that’s how it was billed.

Sports Illustrated has released their annual list of the fifty highest earning athletes in North America. A familiar face is again on top of the rankings. (SI Fortunate 50)

SI also released a list of the 20 highest athletes that aren’t Americans. Just goes to show you how ridiculous sports has gotten in the western hemisphere. (SI International 20)

On the opposite end of the scale, Sports Pickle found the 7 lowest earning athletes in the sporting world. (SP Unfortunate 7)

After the jump, football links, hockey links, and SERENITY NOW!

If you’re planning on doing your fantasy football draft sometime soon, bring your own draft list. You could end up like the schumck with the 2005 draft list. (Couch Groove Football)

On that note, here’s a quick preview of the 2010 NFL season comparing NFL teams to people in a wedding. (NE Patriots Draft)

Another guy who isn’t so fortunate is Ilya Kovalchuk. His 17 year, $102 million contract was rejected by the NHL. Here’s a look inside the commissioner’s office when they made that decision. (National Post)

In other hockey decisions, Paul Bissonnette decided to give up his Twitter account because of some controversial tweets he made about Ilya Kovalchuk. Fortunately, it’s been preserved in this eulogy. (Puck Daddy)

On that note, did you know that people tweet angriest on Thursdays. The exceptions to that are me and Buzz Bissinger. (Toronto Star)

Paul the Octopus may have retired from picking soccer games but he’s not faded from the public eye. He’s got an agent and will have a Chinese movie named after him. (Out of Bounds)

Gymnast Alicia Sacramone of falling repeatedly fame is making a comeback. Hopefully she does better than Beijing. (Sportress of Blogitude)

Evel Kinevel was just about everywhere in the 60s and 70s, especially hospitals. But his fame as the world’s most infamous stuntman and prolific crash test dummy almost got him a cartoon. (MotoBullet)

Amazingly not in the SI Fortunate 50 was the most dominant athlete in the world. The best man in his sport is world champion horseshoe player Alan Francis. (New York Times)

We have two lists for you. First, it’s a look at the best foods at MLB ballparks. (Sports Illustrated) I’ll have to try those Blue Jays nachos sometime soon.

And here’s a list of the 10 people you should avoid while drinking. (Bro Bible)

Have you ever wondered what Seinfeld would be like if it was a drama instead of comedy? Well, wonder no more with this mock-up trailer for Serenity Now!

Here’s a sorta Comic Con themed video to close out. Here are all of the original Mortal Combat fatalities reimagined in construction paper stop-animation.

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