Wednesday Link-Off: Big Payday

Here’s Minka Kelly who was just names Sexiest Woman Alive (or something like that).

The infamous Cigar Guy’s identity has been revealed. He’s not a cigar smoking, turban wearing golf fan but an investment analyst. (Sports By Brooks)

We heard that Deadspin spent more money than ever before on the Brett Favre dongslinger pics. One blogger’s sources say that the pics cost $75,000. (Terez Owens)

And on that note, hear’s a long look inside the Gawker Media empire and at its chief Nick Denton. (New Yorker)

After the jump, a sports agent tells all, the most dominant video game athletes, and the tables get turned on Mario.

Former sports agent Josh Luchs spills the beans on the behind the scenes work done by agents. And Reggie Bush’s rules violations look fairly common place. (Sports Illustrated)

Back to Favre for a moment. Here are some quote’s about Favre that have been changed from talking about Brett Favre to Brett Favre’s penis. (Joe Sports Fan)

And Deadspin sent one of their editors out to Monday night’s game to show off Favre’s penis. It’s not quite as weird as it sounds. (Deadspin)

The Detroit Lions finally won a game! Even better was Alphonso Smith’s touchdown dance. (Detroit 4 Lyfe)

Back to the world of interweb business models. Here’s a look at the Smodcast empire that director Kevin Smith is building. (Tech Dirt)

Just for fun, here’s a look at a guide for pessimists to deal with the next 10 years. That’s if there’s 10 more years. Some people are buying into the 2012 deal. (Globe and Mail)

Aston Martin is debuting a new city car next year. It’s not quite a DB9. (Top Gear)

Here’s a fun little graphic for you. It’s a look at the evolution of video game console controllers and which older controllers inspired today’s console makers. (CX Partners)

Speaking of video games, here’s a look at the 50 greatest video game athletes ever to grace the virtual playing field. (Complex)

And a video gallery to close this out. It’s a look at the eight geekiest stunts pulled off by Improv Everywhere. (Gizmodo)

What happens when the tables are turned on Mario and someone else gets a star?

New York Islanders defenseman James Wisniewski has a suggestion for what Sean Avery can spend his spare time doing.

Stanford’s Andrew Luck is expected to be an early first round pick in the upcoming NFL draft. If he doesn’t make it as a quarterback, his tackle on Saturday proves that he can make it as a linebacker.

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