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maika monroeWow, those five weeks have passed by rather quickly. Well I’m officially back with your weekly set of entertainment links. I’m sure Steve is extremely relieved that he doesn’t have to cover for me now. Anyway, there’s a lot of summer flicks out there right now but it appears that most of them aren’t leaving a lasting impression.The new release this weekend is the Ghostbusters reboot. While it’s not a terrible movie and it might not be deserving of all the thumbs down on Youtube, let’s just say it doesn’t quite hit the high notes as it anticipates to.

Gonna kick off the link off with Maika Monroe. She’s keeping a busy schedule ahead but you can catch her in Independence Day: Resurgence. 

After the jump, comparing reboots to the original franchises, Suicide Squad is looking to roll in the cash, Mortal Kombat movie ain’t dead yet, breaking down the new Rogue One clip and listen to Samuel L Jackson recap Game of Thrones.

Here’s a fun infographic comparing movie franchises with its reboots. (ForRent.com) And no, I don’t know why the infographic is featured on the website.

Suicide Squad is tracking very well and it is looking to be the biggest August opening of all time! (THR)

It’s no surprise that Taylor Swift tops the list of highest earning celebrities of 2016. (Forbes)

A giant billboard in NYC shows Optimus Prime wielding a sword against some sort of three headed dragon for Transformers: The Last Knight. (Seibertron)

The next Mortal Kombat movie has been stuck in development hell for ages but in a new interview with Christopher Lambert, he reveals that it is still in the works. (Loaded)

It looks like it will still be quite some time before Neill Blomkamp’s Alien sequel will go into production but at least he’s promising a proper ending to Ripley. (EW)

WB files for trademarks for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Could a movie be in the works?


Quentin Tarantino has reiterated that he’ll stop making films after 10 movies. So if you’re keeping count, that means he’ll only have two features left!!! (Variety)

While George Takei was less than pleased to see Sulu be written as a gay character in Star Trek Beyond, Simon Pegg takes a moment to explain the whole deal in his blog. (Peggster)

Despite the fact that the film is going through some reshoots this summer, the sizzle reel presented at the Star Wars celebration looks pretty darn cool!

Of course after watching the clip, let’s take a moment to break it all down. (Slashfilm)

Best Game of Thrones recap ever, because it’s Samuel L Jackson that’s doing the recapping!

This is a late share, but James Corden teams up with Anna Kendrick for more musical goodness!

The teaser trailer for La La Land shows Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone sing and dance and fall madly in love. Despite being set in modern times, there’s something whimsical about the film. Definitely feels like it takes place decades in the past.

If you thought the Ghostbusters reboot was bad… perhaps you should have a look at Ghostbusters 2! That movie really derailed the franchise.


One thought on “Entertainment Link-Off

  1. I’m just happy I don’t have to summarize the very divided reaction (both from critics and the general audience) for Ghostbusters. Everything I’ve read makes it sound like any criticism, positive or negative, is a no-win scenario so I’m glad I don’t have to cover it in this week’s ELO.


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