Entertainment Link-Off: Finally Catching Up!

A2ATo the folks in North America, you finally get the chance to see Captain America: Civil War in cinemas this weekend! It might be worth multiple viewings to catch those Easter eggs. Anyway, it’s Saturday again, so it’s time for the ELO. I’m gonna kick things off with Cantopop duo A2A. I’m really digging their new track, so I’ve included their latest music video in the links below. 

After the jump, we got a new Han Solo, Deadpool helps with ED, the Chinese will get first dibs on Warcraft, imagine what would happen if civil war happened on the CW’s DC universe, James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke just went to a whole new level and finally there is some new music to check out.

The Star Wars Han Solo spin-off movie has found its lead actor! The pressure is on for the newbie to live up to the character brought to life by Harrison Ford. (The Wrap)

Allow Deadpool to help you if you suffer from erectile dysfunction. (Twitter)

If you’re looking forward to Warcraft and you live in China, then you’re in luck! Looks like the film will open over there two days ahead of the folks in the United States. This movie release trend is starting to pick up steam isn’t it? (Deadline)

Supergirl may not be a ratings juggernaut on CBS, but it does have a solid following. The fate of the show is still up in the air, but rumour has it that the show might migrate over to The CW on a smaller budget to stay alive. (The Wrap)

Interesting casting tidbit. Olivia Munn was up for the role of Vanessa in Deadpool but ended up choosing to play Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse because she wanted to kick some ass. (io9)

Just imagine if the DC television universe went into a civil war scenario, who would win? Are you on Team Flash or Team Arrow? (Collider)

Anthony and Joe Russo discuss the three relationships they want to explore in Avengers: Infinity War. (Slashfilm)

Bye bye spandex. Catch the first look at the new suits for the upcoming Power Rangers flick. (Entertainment Weekly)

Karl Urban has always been very vocal about his desire to return as Judge Dredd. While the film underperformed at the box office, it has gained quite the cult following. The latest update seems to be looking upward as the actor revealed that a possible series sequel might be happening. (IGN)

When the first trailer popped up, there were some concerns about the voice of Apocalypse. Bryan Singer addresses the issue and discusses about the ever-changing voice of the character and how it’s being modified in post-production. (Joblo)

Early reports indicated that the Aquaman film was at risk of losing director James Wan. Upon hearing these rumours, the director decided to address the issue with a reassuring picture. (AV Club)

So there was this crazy opener to Star Wars: The Force Awakens but it was scrapped from the final cut. It sounded way too outlandish to be true but Mark Hamill has recently confirmed it. (Birth Movies Death)

Space Jam 2 is happening and could Fast and Furious director Justin Lin be attached to the LeBron James starring flick? (THR)

For those that have seen the latest episode of Game of Thrones, Kit Harington talks about Jon Snow and the character’s experience with death. (Collider)

The final trailer for The Nice Guys is out. Definitely looking forward to this buddy comedy as the early buzz has been very positive so far.

To celebrate Star Wars Day earlier in the week, Lin-Manuel Miranda teamed up with JJ Abrams to perform Jabba Flow to the delight of many fans.

The showrunners breakdown the not so shocking twist from episode 2 of the new season of Game of Thrones.

There was No Doubt that this Carpool Karaoke would be a classic. James Corden and Gwen Stefani set the bar a bit higher this time with some very special guests joining in for the ride.

First music recommendation of the week. The latest single “Electric” from Clara C. It sounds quite different from her previous work. Have a listen now!

Second music recommendation of the week. Let’s throw in some Cantopop! A2A is back with the new single You Ain’t Comin’ Back. It’s a massive change in image from their previous releases but the new sexy look is really working!


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