Entertainment Link-Off: Taking A Break

sarah hylandSo this will be my last ELO for a little while. I’ll be taking a 5 week hiatus. Perhaps Steve will take over the link-off duties or something else might pop up in its place for the time being. Be on the lookout for my return in mid-July though! Anyway, let’s carry on with our weekly set of links. Kicking things off this week is Sarah Hyland. I think I was just reminded of what I’m missing out on for not watching the comedy Modern Family on a regular basis nowadays…

After the jump, Aquaman won’t be as dark as Batman v Superman, Pitch Perfect 3 has been delayed, some details on Rogue One reshoots, prepared for a shortened Game of Thrones season 7 and Wong Fu Productions examines what it’s like to be the DUFF.

Perhaps things are looking slightly less dark in the Aquaman solo movie according to director James Wan. (Comic Book)

Aca-excuse me?! Elizabeth Banks exits as director of Pitch Perfect 3. (Variety)

Rumour has it that Star Wars: Rogue One didn’t sit well with the execs at Disney so some reshoots are in order. In fact, seems like 40% of the film will be reshot! Gareth Edwards is a talented filmmaker, so don’t let these reshoots fool you. It happens all the time in Hollywood. What really matters is the quality of the final product and I trust the director’s vision in this. (Slashfilm)

And if you’re curious about what the reshoots will entail, then EW got the details for you. (Entertainment Weekly)

Some neat concept artwork have surfaced to show what Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4 could have been like. It hints at two classic villains that could have appeared in the comic-book film series. (Cinema Blend)

Currently mixed buzz is surrounding Warcraft and the general consensus is that it’s an overstuffed movie for its 2 hr running time. Turns out Duncan Jones was originally intending for the movie to be another 40 minutes longer. Could this be another Kingdom of Heaven scenario? (Collider)

Stan Lee was pretty bummed about filming his Deadpool cameo because he didn’t quite get in on the action. (THR)

Despite all the fan backlash over the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman seems quite content with the creative decision on the show. (Slashfilm)

Robert Kirkman also dishes his thoughts on Game of Thrones and how they’re handling the material beyond the books. Oh by the way, season 7 of GoT looks like it will be shortened to 7 episodes! (Joblo)

Bryan Singer has expressed his desire to step away from the X-Men universe once again. Given how X-Men: Apocalypse turned out, it might not be a bad idea to introduce some new blood into the creative process. (LA Times) On a side note, the movie was still fine, but just doesn’t quite match the highs of the previous installments.

They’re trying to add some credibility to the next Transformers flick by adding Sir Anthony Hopkins to the cast. (Coming Soon)

Taking a look at The Lonely Island’s best sketches. (Collider)

TV aftershows are thriving all thanks to fans getting a little too invested in their favourite TV series. (Zap2it)

Don’t worry about spoilers! They might help you enjoy the content more! (Gizmodo)

A look at the top 10 fake bands from movies. My top pick would go to Sex Bob-omb! (Joblo)

The new villain for Arrow season 5 will channel a certain character from The Wire. (TV Line)

Rest assured Prison Break fans, Dominic Purcell is recovering just fine from his injuries on the set of the revival series and there is no production delay whatsoever. (Screen Rant)

The revamped Top Gear series doesn’t seem to be doing so hot right now. (New.com.au)

Batman v Superman just simply didn’t click so I doubt that adding additional footage to the movie would make it better. Anyway, you can have a look at the trailer for the ultimate edition of the film.

Here is a montage of montages in the music video clip for Swiss Army Man. You know that farting corpse movie some people walked out of at Cannes. Based on the actual trailer, it looks like the movie does carry a meaningful story despite the crude humour.

The trailer for Monster Trucks starring Lucas Till is here. Who knew they were taking the title of the movie quite literally.

Wong Fu’s latest short tackles the issue of having a best friend that is infinitely hotter than you.

In the music recommendation of the week, Tori Kelly teams up with Third Story for Beautiful Things.


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