Entertainment Link-Off: Only the Strong Will Survive

lana-condor-x-men-apocalypse-premiereFor the folks in North America, you can finally check out the new X-Men flick. Don’t go in with high expectations and you’ll come out of it relatively satisfied. Anyway, I’m gonna kick this off with Lana Condor, who plays Jubilee in the film. After so many flicks in the series, the character has yet to make a big splash on the big screen. Hopefully we’ll see more of her in the next flick. If the cartoon made it happen, so can the movies!

After the jump, Lionsgate wants more Power Rangers, whitewashing damage control for Ghost in the Shell, Warcraft might be still be a crummy video game movie adaptation, more new movie trailers to see, imagine if Martin Lawrence joined the cast of Game of Thrones and finally the Honest Trailer for X-Men, the animated series. 

Lionsgate is being a little too optimistic but there are plans to make up to seven Power Rangers movie if the film turns out to be a hit. Let’s take a wait and see approach shall we? (Variety)

Turns out Mel Gibson turned down the opportunity to play Odin in Thor. I suppose it worked out for the best since Anthony Hopkins has been doing such a fine job that it’s hard to imagine another actor playing that character anyway. (The Playlist)

New photo gives you a better look at the leading lady of Alien: Covenant. Apparently in space, there is nowhere you can run. (Facebook)

It’s whitewashing damage control for the Ghost in the Shell live adaptation. Given that the lead went to Scarlett Johansson, let’s round up the cast with some Asian actors. (THR)

Given the revolving door of cast members for the X-Men movies, would it ever be possible for the original lineup to reappear on the big screen together in an upcoming film? Bryan Singer seems to be open to the idea. (Fandango)

Well if this turns out to be true, then the villains of Wolverine 3 could turn out to be quite interesting. (The Nerdist)

Early buzz for Warcraft is out and it looks like the reviews are… lukewarm. (Slashfilm)

Looks like HBO’s long gestating series Westworld is finally going to premiere this fall! It’s about time! (Collider)

Summer used to be the season when TV takes a break and there would be minimal programming to watch out for. Looks like that trend is slowly dying as more and more shows are showing up during the warmer months of the year. (TV Revolution)

And this is why I love Silicon Valley. Have a look at the hilarious 4 minute outtake of TJ Miller hurling old man insults. (Uproxx)

It’s smart marketing as it plays on the nostalgia factor, but the new Beauty and the Beast trailer plays out identically to the original animated film in 1991.

Let’s forgive them for the silly pun as the title but the trailer for The Space Between Us looks pretty darn good.

Like father like son, it seems like Luke Scott is following the footsteps of Ridley Scott into the world of filmmaking. Just based on the creepy trailer for Morgan, it seems like he has an eye for some good sci-fi horror as well.

Not that I was asking for a follow-up to Finding Nemo, but the trailer for the sequel Finding Dory sure looks promising.

Game of Thrones is introducing the latest cast addition. Please welcome the Black Knight! Gotta love this mashup trailer.

Honest trailers for X-Men the animated series from the 90s! Yes, the cartoon managed to tackle the big storylines better than the feature films.

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