Entertainment Link-Off: Slice and Dice

karen fukuhara suicide squad premiereWelcome to another edition of the ELO. It has been crazy busy over here, so expect some delays with the usual ELO posts for the next little while. Anyway, Suicide Squad opens this weekend and it is set to make some box office records in August. I managed to catch the film earlier. It’s not a great film and the editing is very choppy but at least the final product is an enjoyable ride. Oh and you can catch new breakout star Karen Fukuhara in the film. 

After the jump, a tiny bit more Suicide Squad news, no Fresh Prince reboots in the works, leave Terminator alone, whitewashing the Great Wall and let’s have a look at Zack Snyder’s other polarizing superhero movie.

The reviews are pouring in and it appears that Suicide Squad has done the unexpected. According to the critics, it is a worse movie than Batman v Superman! (Vox)

If Warner Brothers and DC were hoping for Suicide Squad to make big bucks in China, then they will be disappointed. It seems like the flick is not set to release over there. (THR)

Hot Rod is set to make an appearance in Transformers: The Dark Knight. Michael Bay just released a first look at the character. (Slashfilm)

Will Smith has no interest in bringing back The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air! He has compared it to hell freezing over before a reboot can happen. (E! News)

Even Jai Courtney thinks it’s time to leave the Terminator franchise alone. (The Playlist)

More updates on the Divergent series. One of the series’ stars Miles Teller talks about whether he will be participating in the final TV film/TV series spinoff. (Variety)

Zhang Yimou discusses about the whitewashing controversy behind The Great Wall. (Collider)

Alice Eve’s character Carol Marcus was famous for her role in Star Trek Into Darkness where she just inexplicably strips down in a scene. You’ll also realize she is noticeably absent in Star Trek Beyond. Simon Pegg takes a moment to explain why her character is missing from the film. (The Playlist)

Mark Ruffalo already completed his filming for Thor Ragnorok. That likely means we won’t see much of Bruce Banner in the movie. No word on how much CGI Hulk we’re gonna get though! (Collider)

Disney is sure trying to make this sound like it’s not a big deal when it is. Writer Tony Gilroy will be taking over editing duties for Rogue One with “input” from Gareth Edwards. At this stage, Disney might as well release Edwards’ cut on Blu-Ray otherwise we’ll all be wonder what it could have been. (THR)

Edgar Wright is throwing in his support for Anna Kendrick to play Squirrel Girl. Alright Marvel, please make it happen. (Slashfilm)

The Secret Life of Pets is raking in the cash at the box office, so it’s no surprise Universal is setting up a sequel for 2018. (THR)

Honest Trailers tackle Zack Snyder’s other polarizing superhero flick Watchmen.

It might be a short one minute teaser, but Christopher Nolan’s next flick Dunkirk seems to capture the terrors of war pretty well.


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