Entertainment Link-Off: A World Beyond

Anna-Kendrick-EsquireMemorial Day weekend in the States usually means the studios pull out all the big guns at the box office as their big tentpole films duke it out over the 4 days. As of right now, Disney’s Tomorrowland and Universal’s Pitch Perfect 2 are fighting for first place. Well, let’s start off the ELO with Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick as she sticks it to the rest of the competition.

After the jump, farewell to the Late Show with David Letterman, apparently Maggie Gyllenhaal is too old, Taylor Swift broke the internet, carpool karaoke with Justin Bieber and the Game of Thrones 12 minute musical is here! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Riff-Off!

Emilia-Clarke-Harpers-BazaarTwo big flicks facing off at the cinemas this weekend. There’s the critically acclaimed actioner Mad Max: Fury Road. Then there’s also the highly anticipated sequel Pitch Perfect 2. I say just spend the day at the theatre and watch both! They’re great flicks! That being said, the Barden Bellas are pitch slapping their competition at the box office right now. Anyway, if you don’t feel like hitting up the cinemas, there’s always a new episode of Game of Thrones. Emilia Clarke can belt out a tune or two, but too bad the show doesn’t give her the opportunity to do so!

After the jump, a quick look at TV upfronts, some sequel news, Jeremy Lin reacts to NBA 2K15, and Anna Kendrick challenges James Cordon to a riff off.  Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Hitting the Right Notes

brittany-snow-comsomayRejoice! Pitch Perfect 2 is out (in Australia anyway)! Based on the reviews so far, it seems like the sequel is music to our ears. Let’s kick off the ELO with one of the Bardon Bellas, Brittany Snow.

After the jump, fun tidbits on Pitch Perfect 2, you can blame Australia for ruining the tomatometer for Paul Blart 2, you need to see Avengers: Infinity War in IMAX, Joss Whedon reveals why he quit Twitter, Bill Nye explains holograms with emoji, and Fifty Shades of… great there’s gonna be two more of these… good job world! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Superhero Smackdown

emmanuelle-chriquiSo have you seen Avengers Age of Ultron yet? It’s the movie everyone is talking about right now. Anyway, it was a solid entry into the Marvel Universe. Captain America: The Winter Soldier set the bar pretty darn high, so go into the cinemas with your expectations lowered down a notch. Anyway, I’ll start off the ELO entry with Emmanuelle Chriqui. No she’s not in Avengers but she’ll be in the upcoming Entourage flick. 

After the jump, Daredevil almost got his own feature film reboot, big spoiler for Terminator Genysis, go see how old Microsoft thinks the Game of Throne characters are, some new tunes to listen to and watch how the elderly react to Mortal Kombat X. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Forever Young

scarlett-johansson-avengerspremiere-londonIt’s a big weekend as Avengers Age of Ultron is in cinemas and it poses to become the biggest movie of 2015! While alternative programming will lead you to seeing Blake Lively in her latest Age of Adeline, it is still more fun to see Scarlett Johansson kick ass in the Marvel epic. 

After the jump, all TV superheroes are pretty much the same, Joss Whedon liked Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man script a lot, Dennis Quaid’s meltdown viral video was fake, more Daredevil on the way and Seinfeld fans would love to have Kat Denning’s phone right now. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: See You Again

deborah ann woll nylonThere’s no new big contender at the box office this weekend as Fast and Furious 7 continues to dominate. Meanwhile at home on your TV screens, there are plenty to look forward to. Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley return on Sunday. Over on Netflix, there’s the premiere of the new Daredevil series. You can catch former True Blood star Deborah Ann Woll in the superhero series too! Bonus! 

After the jump, a few tidbits on superhero related stuff, no more Simpsons DVDs, Jon Snow makes a poor dinner guest and catch the teaser trailer for Wong Fu Productions’ new movie! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Diverging Paths

nathalie emmanuelIt’s Easter weekend! While some will partake in religious activities, others will simply overindulge in the abundance of chocolate available. Alternatively, you can head out to the theatres to check out Furious 7. Yes, it’s the seventh installment of the franchise and surprisingly it hasn’t gone dull at all. The action is over-the-top but it is entertaining. Also, without spoiling anything, I have to say it is a very fitting and respectful way to send off the late Paul Walker. Anyway, let’s kick off the latest Entertainment Link-Off with a newbie to the Fast/Furious franchise, Game of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel.

After the jump, a tease of the new Wong Fu Productions movie, the Arrow becomes Casey Jones, Helen Mirren can drive fast cars, listen to the cast of The Flash sing the Firefly theme song, and Deadpool is definitely rated R.  Continue reading