MIFF2014: Happy Christmas + Post-Film Q&A

happy christmas 1Happy Christmas is Joe Swanberg’s most satisfying film to date. It is definitely a worthy follow-up to last year’s equally enjoyable Drinking Buddies. This film is a nice little portrait of a middle class family set during the Christmas holidays in the city of Chicago. Despite a somewhat slow start, the film beautifully highlights the angst we commonly experience in adulthood and looks into the struggle between maintaining a creative life while being a parent to a toddler. Well in this case, perhaps two toddlers. Continue reading

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Entertainment Link-Off: Short and Sweet

nina dobrev lets be cops premiereLet’s keep it short and simple this week. I am currently busy from the Melbourne International Film Festival screenings, so I’m a bit short on words this week in the ELO. Perhaps you can catch some of my updates from the film fest when I get around to posting them all! In the meantime, let’s kick things off with Nina Dobrev at the Let’s Be Cops premiere.

After the jump, imagine if GoT had a subway line, Bear Grylls tells us how to survive movie situations, watch Chris Pratt rap and finally catch Nina tackling giant beer pong with Jimmy Fallon. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: I Am Everywhere

eliza taylor belloStar Lord and his gang are doing huge business at the box office this weekend and is raking in more cash than expected. It’s certainly good news given that the flick is quite enjoyable! Anyway, gonna kick off the ELO with someone totally unrelated to the flick. Instead it’s the star of CW’s The 100, here’s Eliza Taylor. 

After the jump, some more tidbits on Guardians of the Galaxy, some new trailers to check out, TMNT’s marketing in Australia struck the wrong chord, catch a preview of the Simpsons/Family Guy crossover, and there’s an awesome Samuel L. Jackson supercut. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Through the Wormhole

irina shaykThis weekend, the second (and apparently much better) of the two Hercules films hits the theatres. This time, you get to see Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson take on a whole bunch of animals! Anyway, you can also catch Irina Shayk in a small role in the film. 

After the jump, more troubles for Ant-Man, the next Spider-Man film is delayed, there is no endgame in plan for Sons of Anarchy, Mary Poppins is tired of getting paid minimum wage, watch for a faux Rob Ford cameo in Sharknado 2, we find out the reason for the lens flare in JJ Abrams’ movies, and a whole bunch of videos to check out.

Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Nobody Understands the Cloud

lizzy caplanThis weekend at the box office, it’s The Purge: Anarchy taking on Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz in Sex Tape. While the former is getting mixed results among critics, it looks like the latter is not sexy enough to draw out some good laughs. Speaking of sexy stuff, perhaps you could just simply stay home and catch the return of Master of Sex featuring Lizzy Caplan. 

After the jump, a reveal of cameos in Guardians of the Galaxy, some news on Planet of the Apes, look for an Arrow/Flash crossover this season, watch Conan and Dave Franco try Tinder and Stephen Colbert takes on John Stewart to determine who is the bigger Star Wars fan. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Go Ape!

keri russell malibu 1Time to go ape$h!t as Dawn of the Planet of the Apes hit the theatres this weekend. Based on the feedback so far, it is definitely a huge step up from Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Worth checking out then! It also helps that you can spot Keri Russell in the film. 

After the jump, discussing about the motion capture performance, Fast and Furious 7 has wrapped filming, catch a movie teaser trailer that is 72 minutes long, George R.R. Martin has something to say to people that doubt his abilities, and watch Neil Young cover Fancy. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Beware the Night

olivia-munn-allureIn theatres this weekend, it’s either you go for a family affair in the ET inspired Earth to Echo. Otherwise, there’s the horror/thriller Deliver Us From Evil starring Eric Bana and Olivia Munn. Speaking of Olivia, let’s start off this entry with her.

After the jump, old age is catching up to the Expendables, learn what Bayhem is all about, check out some neat concept art for the Dinobots, Community is back and watch Joel McHale and a fellow comedian go out for some cocaine. Continue reading