Entertainment Link-Off: Afire Love

natalie dormerSo the big blockbuster hitting the screens this weekend is the first part of the final installment of The Hunger Games franchise. I am certain people will be flocking to the theatres to catch what is considered to be the best flick in the franchise so far. Oddly enough, it feels like half of a finished product. Anyway, as if Jennifer Lawrence and co. aren’t enough of a draw for you to check it out anyway, Natalie Dormer finally shows up in the franchise as Cressida. Let’s start off the ELO with her.

After the jump, third time is hopefully the charm for Global Frequency, more Planet of the Apes films to come, aca-awesome trailer for Pitch Perfect 2, another Breading Bad/Frozen mashup and shake it off the violin cover of the Taylor Swift hit,  Continue reading

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Entertainment Link-Off: Assemble!

anna-kendrick-marieclareIt’s G20 weekend! At least it seems like a big deal here in Australia as the spotlight is all over Brisbane at the moment. Actually, the spotlight is on Barack Obama and everyone in town just wants to smell what the Barack is cookin’ this weekend. Anyway, it’s Saturday, so it’s time for another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. Let’s kick it all off with Anna Kendrick from her latest shoot with Marie Claire. Awesome tidbit. She was drunk during the interview with the magazine.

After the jump. Steven Segal likes to recycle his movie posters, Fast and Furious is still moving forward because Universal wants to keep making money, Benedict Cumberbatch shows that he is a fine actor once again, and catch a hilarious mock trailer on prequels. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Lost in Space

malese-jowSo Interstellar hits theatres this weekend and there sure will be plenty of people flocking to the IMAX screens to catch what all the fuss is about. Anyway, over in TV land, the November sweeps have kick started and plenty of shows are going through a string of new episodes before finishing for the winter finale. Sadly, there was no new Flash this week though. On the bright side, the show did cast Malese Jow as Linda Park on the show, so let’s kick off the ELO with her.

After the jump, Toy Story makes another return, Marvel is taking the Avengers trailer leak very seriously, a few movie trailers to check out, listen to a mother explain Inception and finally add a Christmas tune to your Christmas playlist courtesy of Pentatonix and Tori Kelly. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Go Further

lauren-cohan-nylonguysNothing much going on this weekend as everyone is recovering from Halloween hangover. Meanwhile I have been keeping up with the latest season of The Walking Dead and I just can’t seem to get enough of Lauren Cohan at the moment!

After the jump, Marvel reveals its Phase Three lineup, sitcoms are dead nowadays, catch all the Cabin in the Woods references, T-Pain displays his natural vocal abilities and listen to Daniel Radcliffe do the Alphabet Aerobics. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: In A Flash

danielle panabakerSo the Fall TV season is in high gear as most of the new and returning shows have premiered. A standout this season is The Flash, which is carrying some solid ratings (for the CW anyway). So far, after 2 episodes, it certainly has me hooked. It probably helps that Danielle Panabaker appears in the series as Caitlin Snow.

After the jump, revisiting the ‘Dead’ series again, a new twist to Gambit’s origin story, a few comics related stories, and Jimmy Fallon has a new hit single. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: In the Dark

sarah gadon dracula untold premiereIt’s Saturday again, so it’s time for another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. There’s no notable releases in Australia this weekend, but the folks in North America can now catch Dracula Untold. The first of the craptacular monster movie series from Universal. It’s not all bad though. Luke Evans is a good leading man. Tywin Lannister is in the movie. Also leading lady Sarah Gadon is worth the price of admission. So let’s start off the ELO with her.

After the jump, The Flash meets his greatest foe a lot sooner than expected, Lego Batman is fast-tracked to the big screen, Woody from Toy Story can be quite scary, a hilarious honest trailer for Transformers 4 and listen to Taylor Swift cover a popular Aussie song. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Without A Trace

celeber.ruIt’s October so I am officially returning back to the weekly Entertainment Link-Off posts. My coverage of the Melbourne International Film Festival was a bit slow but at least you caught a snapshot of some of the films at the event this year. Anyway, since we’re back to your weekly links to movies, TV and music, let’s kick it all off with the star of Gone Girl, Rosamund Pike. I have to say, the film is fantastic and the acting performances are top notch. On top of that, I say this is the perfect anti-date movie of the year. 

After the jump, Mystique might be the focus of the next X-Men film, Robert Downey Jr. wants Mel Gibson in the next Iron Man movie, Kevin Smith has a crazy awesome idea for Jaws, and check out some potential endorsements for Jeremy Lin. Continue reading