Entertainment Link-Off: Pick Your Poison

krysten-ritter-jessica-jones-premiereThe final chapter of The Hunger Games is in cinemas this weekend in Australia! However, if you’re not in a rush to see it in cinemas, you can always camp at home because Marvel’s Jessica Jones has premiered on Netflix. It probably helps that this series stars Krysten Ritter and it’s also getting rave reviews!

After the jump, Peter Jackson reveals why The Hobbit failed, a big reason to go see the Baywatch reboot, a minor character spoiler for Game of Thrones season 6, Zoolander is back, and let’s contemplate on whether not watching Star Wars is a relationship dealbreaker. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off:

Amber-Heard-Marie-Claire-Dec2015Spectre is finally out in Australia but reviews haven’t been as flattering as the previous installment. That being said, it’s probably still worth checking out in cinemas. Anyway it’s Saturday once again, so it’s time for the ELO. Didn’t really know how to kick off this entry but then I came across Amber Heard’s latest shoot with Marie Claire, and it certainly caught my attention.

After the jump, Star Wars is not trying to garner any movie awards this season, watch Shia LaBoeuf watch Shia LaBoeuf, check out Bond’s kill count, a potential good pitch for the next Die Hard movie, apparently The Martian is a comedy and stop trying to make Jai Courtney happen! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Get Peanutized!

daisy ridley hollywood reporterAfter a long wait, The Peanuts Movie is finally out! It’s also collecting fairly positive reviews, so it might be worth taking a trip down memory lane and channel your inner kid again. The other hotly anticipated release Spectre is garnering mixed results. Perhaps Skyfall just set the bar a little too high for the James Bond franchise. Anyway, let’s start off the ELO with Daisy Ridley, star of the upcoming Star Wars flick. She looks quite elegant in the latest shoot for The Hollywood Reporter. I can definitely see why the new trilogy would focus on her.

After the jump, China gets first dibs on Point Break, the Aaron Sorkin/Pixar flick that wasn’t meant to be, first look at the Harry Potter prequel/spin-off, some new trailers to check out including Warcraft, and check out a ‘deleted’ scene from Spectre. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Fright Night

halston sage w magIt’s Halloween! Go out and put on your favourite costume and go Trick or Treatin’! Anyway, it is also a Saturday, so it’s time for another edition of the ELO! Fittingly enough, in cinemas this weekend is a b-horror flick to check out called Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. Reviews have been less than flattering but it does have Halston Sage in it! Good excuse to go see it.

After the jump, Star Wars is not yet approved in China, Guillermo del Toro is not giving up on Pacific Rim 2, human characters will always be interfering with future Transformers flicks, the emotions from Inside Out react to Star Wars and allow Stephen Colbert to predict what will happen in the galaxy far far away. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: The Battle Continues…

rose leslieI apologize. This week’s link off is a bit late. I just got back from vacation and sleep became my number 1 priority. I shall look into the issue of having the keyboard imprinted on my forehead in a minute. Anyway, The Last Witch Hunter is out and Vin Diesel is keen to launch another franchise. I wasn’t particularly compelled to see it until I saw Rose Leslie in it. Maybe she does have powers…

After the jump, Daniel Craig does not think highly of James Bond, no more high heels in Jurassic World sequel, Harry Potter is getting an eighth installment and Angels in the Outfield get a 30 for 30 treatment.  Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Panormous

kate-winslet-esquireuk15-05bHi folks. Steve here for the intro. Jackie’s off on a world tour or something like that right now so he got me to cover off the intro for this week’s ELO. Don’t worry about the actual links. Jackie had that covered before handing it off to me so you don’t have to worry about that.

This weekend is fairly quiet at theatres. Pan is really the only noteworthy film unless you’re located near an advanced screening of Steve Jobs. Maybe you’d prefer to stay in and watch the season premiere of The Walking Dead. We have a link about TWD along with stories about The Martian, superhero movies, some movie trailers and more.

But first, let’s kick off the links with Kate Winslet who will be in Steve Jobs.

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Entertainment Link-Off: So Far Away

jenna louise colemanSo NASA’s big announcement didn’t quite live up to the hype or expectations of most people but that won’t stop us from checking out The Martian. Sometimes a good sci-fi flick is all we need. Anyway, since it is autumn, most shows are coming back to the TV screens now. Plenty of things to check out at home and be a couch potato for a little while. I wasn’t sure who should start off the ELO, but then Jenna Louise Coleman popped up, so why not. Sadly she’ll be leaving after the current season of Dr. Who. 

After the jump, the Terminator may have been terminated, studios and directors don’t seem to get along, a look at the influence of John Oliver, Matt Damon’s movie career summed up in 8 minutes, Spider-Gwen, and action figures assemble! Continue reading