Entertainment Link-Off: Forever Young

scarlett-johansson-avengerspremiere-londonIt’s a big weekend as Avengers Age of Ultron is in cinemas and it poses to become the biggest movie of 2015! While alternative programming will lead you to seeing Blake Lively in her latest Age of Adeline, it is still more fun to see Scarlett Johansson kick ass in the Marvel epic. 

After the jump, all TV superheroes are pretty much the same, Joss Whedon liked Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man script a lot, Dennis Quaid’s meltdown viral video was fake, more Daredevil on the way and Seinfeld fans would love to have Kat Denning’s phone right now. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: See You Again

deborah ann woll nylonThere’s no new big contender at the box office this weekend as Fast and Furious 7 continues to dominate. Meanwhile at home on your TV screens, there are plenty to look forward to. Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley return on Sunday. Over on Netflix, there’s the premiere of the new Daredevil series. You can catch former True Blood star Deborah Ann Woll in the superhero series too! Bonus! 

After the jump, a few tidbits on superhero related stuff, no more Simpsons DVDs, Jon Snow makes a poor dinner guest and catch the teaser trailer for Wong Fu Productions’ new movie! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Diverging Paths

nathalie emmanuelIt’s Easter weekend! While some will partake in religious activities, others will simply overindulge in the abundance of chocolate available. Alternatively, you can head out to the theatres to check out Furious 7. Yes, it’s the seventh installment of the franchise and surprisingly it hasn’t gone dull at all. The action is over-the-top but it is entertaining. Also, without spoiling anything, I have to say it is a very fitting and respectful way to send off the late Paul Walker. Anyway, let’s kick off the latest Entertainment Link-Off with a newbie to the Fast/Furious franchise, Game of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel.

After the jump, a tease of the new Wong Fu Productions movie, the Arrow becomes Casey Jones, Helen Mirren can drive fast cars, listen to the cast of The Flash sing the Firefly theme song, and Deadpool is definitely rated R.  Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Rise from the Dead

christian serratosSo this weekend marks the season finale of The Walking Dead! Millions of followers will be catching the show to see which character is next to bite the dust. Anyway, let’s kick off the ELO with Christian Serratos. Yes, it is refreshing to see her all glammed up because we’re so used to seeing her kick zombie-ass on TWD. 

After the jump, first look at Deadpool doing a sexy pose, Transformers universe is building, an interesting alternate end to Red State, the time is meow, James Bond has a dark history and watch Tom Hanks re-enact his movies in seven minutes. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Who’s Next?

suki waterhouse gqSo the highly anticipated sequel to Divergent is finally out this weekend. Though it is apparently visually stunning, it looks like Insurgent is a rather dull entry to the apocalyptic YA franchise. Anyway, you can catch the newly single Suki Waterhouse in a small role in this film.

After the jump, a much simpler ending to Interstellar, watch the opening and closing scenes to films side by side, the people want Clarkson back on Top Gear, some awesome DLC characters added to Mortal Kombat X and catch a glimpse of a showdown between The Rock and Jason Statham. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Fairytale Ending

lily jamesBefore the next installment of the Divergent series hits theatres, Disney is gonna cash in on a classic tale this weekend with Cinderella. Based on strong reviews and word of mouth, it looks like this flick will be dominating the box office. So let’s kick things off with the lead Lily James. Apparently the corset was so tight during filming, she had to stick to a liquid diet. Ouch!

After the jump, HBO doesn’t want Game of Thrones to end, Liam Neeson is planning to quit action films, Top Gear may have come to an abrupt end, first look at Mortal Kombat X story mode, and catch the season finale of the webseries David. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off:

alison brie gqI’m back this week now that I got time to sit down in front of the computer once again. Huge thanks to Steve for covering for me last week as I was inundated with work. Anyway, it’s time for another ELO as it’s Saturday once again! Community is coming back really soon, so why not get another dose of Alison Brie!

After the jump, District 10 ain’t happening anytime soon, Expendables is coming to a TV near you, movies make more money in China, analyzing the difficulties to make a movie and Bob Barker renews his rivalry with Adam Sandler.  Continue reading