Entertainment Link-Off: Getting Smoked

natalie dormerPlenty to check out in cinemas this weekend. There’s the horror sequel Sinister 2. There’s also a Hitman reboot in Agent 47. Finally there’s the stoner/actioner American Ultra. I still got a lot of catching up to do with other flicks after the Melbourne Film Festival, so it might take me a little bit of time before I get around to these flicks. Anyway, it’s time for the ELO since it’s Saturday again, and let’s kick things off with Natalie Dormer.

After the jump, a rundown on the initial draft of Fantastic Four, Aliens 5 might be in development hell, Damon Lindelof has some harsh words for those who reacted negatively to Game of Thrones season 5, and Kingsman is not James Bond. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Never Go Out of Style

lucy-hale-vmagThe Man from U.N.C.L.E. is in cinemas this weekend, so you can catch the Guy Ritchie directed spy actioner. So far, the buzz is generally positive. Anyway, gonna kick off the ELO with Lucy Hale. The season finale of Pretty Little Liars just aired. I never really got into the show, but perhaps I should reconsider…

After the jump, some tidbits on Heroes Reborn, a look at what went wrong for Fantastic Four, The Maze Runner is the underdog of YA films, Sesame Street is moving to HBO and catch District 9 in 8bit action. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Fantastic Fail

kate mara 1The reviews are piling in and it ain’t looking good for the reboot of Fantastic Four despite a stellar cast and an up and coming director. At times I find it hard to believe that the current flick would be worse than the previous attempts at the dysfunctional Marvel family, but who knows! Anyway, let’s kick off the ELO with the leading lady from the flick Kate Mara. 

After the jump, Deadpool trailer hits the webs, Bill Hader joins the Nine-Nine, six seasons and a long wait for a movie, Ryan Adams channels his inner Taylor Swift, and check out some hilarious outtakes from Trainwreck. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Desperate Measures

rebecca ferguson mission impossibleThe latest installment of the Mission Impossible franchise is in theatres this weekend (at least in North America anyway). The series continues to uphold its quality, given its continual fresh tomatometer rating. Anyway, since it’s a new MI film, that means there is a new leading lady. Kicking off the ELO is Rebecca Ferguson, who happens to kick a lot of ass in the movie.

After the jump, even Bruce Boxleitner has given up on Tron, some tidbits on Netflix, Key and Peele is ending soon, Drake gets the advantage in the feud with Meek Mill and differentiating between X-Men Days of Future Past comic vs. movie. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Fight Back

gal gadot the interviewLots of flicks hitting the cinemas this weekend and there is something for everyone! For those looking for a teenage coming of age story, there’s Paper Towns. For those who are looking for another Adam Sandler crapfest, there’s Pixels. For those who want to see Jake Gyllenhaal display his strong acting chops again, there’s the boxing drama Southpaw. None of these films are getting rave reviews from critics, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Anyway, gonna kick off the ELO with the Gal Gadot from one of her latest photoshoots. Let’s see if she’ll be a convincing Wonder Woman when Batman v Superman arrives next summer.

After the jump, X-Men/Fantastic Four might be crossing over, George R.R. Martin demands better villains for Marvel films, Ah-nold might not be back for more Terminator, LeBron’s acting career may not be a trainwreck, Ian McKellan scrambles some eggs, and someone showed up on set for Game of Thrones. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Size Matters

evangeline lillyThe pint sized hero Ant-Man is finally in cinemas this weekend. Despite Edgar Wright’s departure, the final product is still quite enjoyable and there are certain parts of the movie that still carry the style of the director who departed from the movie during pre-production. Anyway, let’s kick off the ELO with the movie’s leading lady Evangeline Lilly.

After the jump, some news on X-Men Apocalypse, revealing the end credits scenes to Ant-Man, thank goodness The Amazing Spider-Man 3 didn’t happen, take a look at a Jedi using a GoPro and enjoy Comic-Con: The Musical. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: The Switch Up

natalie martinezIt’s Comic-Con weekend. There should be plenty of new tidbits coming from the panels all weekend! It’s a very exciting part of the year but too bad I’m not in San Diego right now. Anyway, just gonna kick off the ELO with Natalie Martinez. You can catch her in the body switching thriller Self/Less. No she’s not involved with the body switching part of the story though. That’s left for Sir Ben Kingsley and Ryan Reynolds.

After the jump, some Deadpool related tidbits, celebrities tackle the role of Wolverine, a classic novel is going to be ruined by a sequel, some Walking Dead clips to wet your appetites and catch a behind the scenes look at the upcoming Star Wars flick. Continue reading