Entertainment Link-Off: In A Flash

danielle panabakerSo the Fall TV season is in high gear as most of the new and returning shows have premiered. A standout this season is The Flash, which is carrying some solid ratings (for the CW anyway). So far, after 2 episodes, it certainly has me hooked. It probably helps that Danielle Panabaker appears in the series as Caitlin Snow.

After the jump, revisiting the ‘Dead’ series again, a new twist to Gambit’s origin story, a few comics related stories, and Jimmy Fallon has a new hit single. Continue reading

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Entertainment Link-Off: In the Dark

sarah gadon dracula untold premiereIt’s Saturday again, so it’s time for another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. There’s no notable releases in Australia this weekend, but the folks in North America can now catch Dracula Untold. The first of the craptacular monster movie series from Universal. It’s not all bad though. Luke Evans is a good leading man. Tywin Lannister is in the movie. Also leading lady Sarah Gadon is worth the price of admission. So let’s start off the ELO with her.

After the jump, The Flash meets his greatest foe a lot sooner than expected, Lego Batman is fast-tracked to the big screen, Woody from Toy Story can be quite scary, a hilarious honest trailer for Transformers 4 and listen to Taylor Swift cover a popular Aussie song. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Without A Trace

celeber.ruIt’s October so I am officially returning back to the weekly Entertainment Link-Off posts. My coverage of the Melbourne International Film Festival was a bit slow but at least you caught a snapshot of some of the films at the event this year. Anyway, since we’re back to your weekly links to movies, TV and music, let’s kick it all off with the star of Gone Girl, Rosamund Pike. I have to say, the film is fantastic and the acting performances are top notch. On top of that, I say this is the perfect anti-date movie of the year. 

After the jump, Mystique might be the focus of the next X-Men film, Robert Downey Jr. wants Mel Gibson in the next Iron Man movie, Kevin Smith has a crazy awesome idea for Jaws, and check out some potential endorsements for Jeremy Lin. Continue reading

MIFF2014: Wish I Was Here

wish i was here 1So… this is pretty much what happened. Back in 2004, Zach Braff made his directorial debut Garden State, which garnered positive reviews and a cult following. Thanks to that following, he was set up a Kickstarter campaign, which enabled the fans to fund this feature,, Wish I Was Here, which is essentially a quasi-remake of his former flick. Both movies star Braff as a struggling actor/manchild dealing with daddy issues while working through a series of life adventures. Oh the soundtrack to both films is quite nifty and both features a Jim Parsons cameo. I think that pretty much sums it up. That being said, Wish I Was Here is not a bad movie. The strong acting performances and the story with a big heart does have its appeal, though it certainly lacks cult appeal like his directorial debut Garden State.

In Wish I Was Here, Zach Braff stars as Aiden Bloom, a family man/struggling actor who is still waiting for his big break in Hollywood. He has an overly supportive wife Sarah (Kate Hudson), who holds a mundane unrewarding data entry job so that her husband can chase his acting dreams at casting audtions. Meanwhile, his father Saul (Mandy Patinkin) also helps out his family by funding the Bloom children, Grace (Joey King) and Tucker (Pierce Gagnon) to attend a private Jewish school. Unfortunately with Saul’s deteriorating health and increasing medical costs, he is not able to fund for Grace and Tucker’s schooling anymore. This forces Aiden to face the harsh fact that he is a man in his mid-thirties who is pursuing a dream that will not likely pan out while neglecting his own family at the same time. Unsure of what to do and in possibly a quasi-mid-life crisis, Aiden tries to home school his children (to hilarious result), mend a broken relationship between his father and his brother Noah (Josh Gad), refurbish his own home and contemplate on a possible career change.

wish i was here 2There is no doubt that the primary storylines in Wish I Was Here has been explored multiple times before. Like Garden State, it deals with the whole issue of arrested development, family issues and dealing with terminal illness once again. At times it feels like a copy and paste job from ten years ago. On the plus side, there are redeeming elements to the movie. Zach Braff does have a good eye behind the camera and the shots are beautifully done. He also has a knack for good music and the “mixtape” element of his films often find a place in many people’s hearts.

The strong performances in the film certainly help carry this movie. Joey King and Pierce Gagnon are quite charming in their roles and they are perfect foils to Braff’s character. Kate Hudson is back in a role worthy of her talent after spending a good portion of her career being typecast in romantic comedies. She brings so much poise into a role as a woman with great sensitivity and resolve.

wish i was here 3Even though Wish I Was Here doesn’t really bring anything fresh to the table, the movie is quite relatable. There’s still plenty of laughter to be found in the film and it does tug on the right heartstrings at the right moments.

The final product might be somewhat of a disappointment, but it certainly had its heart in the right place. It is hard to fault on that; hence the Wish I Was Here still ends up being rather enjoyable but not as memorable as its predecessor.

Rating: B

MIFF2014: The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Him and Her

the disappearance of eleanor rigby 1It’s rather bizarre not to see a Beatles track sneak into “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby”, an interesting film that looks into a deteriorating relationship from the perspective of both parties involved. This feature debut from Ned Benson is actually two films shown back to back subtitled Her and Him respectively. While the order of the presentation may vary depending on which screening you attend, the one at the Melbourne International Film Festival kicked it off with Her followed by Him. In addition to the ambitious storytelling, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby is anchored by solid performances from the leads Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy. In addition, the supporting characters ranging from Bill Hader’s comedic touch to Isabelle Huppert’s fun portrayal of Eleanor’s chain-smoking wine guzzling mum surely helps this film move along its lengthy runtime. Continue reading

MIFF2014: Boyhood

boyhood 1Despite not being a perfect movie, Boyhood delivers one of the most interesting cinematic experiences of the year. Filmed over twelve years, it beautifully highlights the growing pains of childhood but it is also a harrowing reminder how quickly time passes by. Continue reading

MIFF2014: Life After Beth

DSC_0255.JPGIf you thought there wasn’t much left to chew on for zombie movies, well you might be wrong there. Life After Beth is a smart zombie comedy that retains its central message while it keeps the laughter rolling throughout. The directorial debut of “I Heart Huckabees” co-writer Jeff Baena reminds us all the fact that while we enjoy a good zom-rom-com flick, the mash-up of the three genres is an awfully bizarre monster of its own. Continue reading