The Chuck Season Finale Primer

On Monday, Chuck wraps up its second season. A big rating would go a long way to keeping it on NBC. Of course, it’s not just Chuck that’s “on the bubble.” Now that Jay Leno is doing five hours a week in primetime, a lot of NBC shows are on the verge of cancellation. However, Chuck is the best of the bunch. So to get you to watch the finale, I’ve put together a little visual recap of the season to catch you up.

This season started with Chuck finding the missing piece of a replacement supercomputer for him so he can live a normal life. We also find out that his CIA handler’s (Sarah Walker, played by Yvonne Strahovski) front has changed from a deep fried corn dog shop to a frozen yogurt shop.


And with Chuck about to be freed from his work for the US government, he asks Sarah on a date.


Naturally, the supercomputer part was a fake. So with the help of John Laroquette, Chuck has to steal the real part from a homicidal Melinda Clarke.


The entire series isn’t about Chuck. Sarah gets her own story when a familiar face from her non-CIA past shows up in high school rival Nicole Richie.


When she shows up Sarah is forced to go to her high school reunion. As mentioned before, these two weren’t the best of friends in high school. That means, to quote Joey Styles, CATFIGHT!

Meanwhile, a blast from Chuck’s past shows up. His ex-girlfriend Jill turns up.


The only problem is that Jordana Brewster also happens to be a treasonous backstabber who uses Chuck to try to take down the CIA. Long story short, she gets arrested and sent to prison. Sadly, no catfight.


Meanwhile, we’ve been neglecting Chuck’s sister, Ellie (Sarah Lancaster).


And Chuck’s best friend, Morgan, who has a better half (Julia Ling).


This season also featured the first ever network TV show to be broadcast completely in 3D.


And we also got to see a cougar (Jenny McCarthy)… who was evil and trying to take over the world.


For no particular reason, more Yvonne Strahovski.


Anyway, the government thought Chuck and Sarah were getting a little close for comfort so they sent in Trisha Helfer.


Who also makes for a rather convincing stripper.


Scott Bakula showed up as Chuck’s father… And proceeded to be taken hostage by Chevy Chase.  That means calling an old friend/enemy for help.


That fails miserably so it’s Chuck and Sarah to the rescue.


Which catches us up to Monday’s season finale.  Monday night at 8:00 PM on NBC.  And if that didn’t get you excited, here’s the obligatory episode promo video.

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