Sunday Link-Off: Law and Disorder

bridget-malcolm-victoriassecret-05It’s Sunday which means that it’s time for some links. I’ve dug up some news-ish links which includes a return of the Rob Ford crack tape story. I missed that story. Anyway, let’s start the day off with Australian model Bridget Malcolm.

Just when you thought that the Rob Ford crack tape scandal was over, it turns out that the police have the man selling the video and probably the video too. (Toronto Star)

Warren Kinsella says that the Toronto Police actually do have the Rob Ford crack video and it’s real. (Warren Kinsella)

In case you didn’t hear, Toronto Police shot a teenager with a knife on an empty streetcar nine times before tasering him. Not even slightly excessive force. (Vice)

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IndyCar – Toronto Indy: Two for the Price of One

This weekend was the second of three doubleheader weekends on the 2013 IndyCar Series schedule and it was the first time that we would see a standing start in the IndyCar Series. It also happened to be the first time that we saw the doubleheader winner bonus handed out as Scott Dixon did the double in Toronto after winning both races.

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Sunday Link-Off: Home Is Where the Crack (Allegedly) Is

deborah-mace-saha13-05It’s Canadian Grand Prix race day so you know what I’ll be watching this afternoon. It’s also Sunday which means that you know what I’ve been up to for this morning. Let’s kick things off with newcomer to the blog, French model Deborah Mace.

You knew it was a matter of time before the press was able to find the exact house where the picture of Rob Ford with a drug dealer. (Toronto Star)

And that house has a bit of reputation for disreputable and illegal activities. (Gawker)

In a funny turn of events, Toronto blogger Toronto Mike actually had this story two months ago thanks to a comment on his blog. If only he knew that the comment was legit. (Toronto Mike)

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Sunday Link-Off: Cracking News

jessica-stam-oysho13-01Well, the week might have started quietly but it sure as hell ended interestingly. After all, it’s not every day that the mayor of Canada’s biggest city gets caught in a crack scandal. Right, so it’s time for the end of the week links. Let’s start with Canadian model Jessica Stam.

It’s not often that a Canadian news story garners international attention but here we are all talking about Rob Ford smoking crack on camera. He’s the gift that keeps on giving to the Canadian news media. (Gawker and Toronto Star)

With the owners of the video holding it for ransom, crowdfunding efforts are popping up left and right to buy it and post it online. (National Post)

If you haven’t heard of Rob Ford, you’ll probably enjoy this comparison of mayoral quotes from Toronto’s Rob Ford and Springfield’s “Diamond” Joe Quimby. (Slate)

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U of T Engineering Exam Interrupted By Flash Mob

Skule Nite is a famous musical/comedy revue group comprised on engineering students at the University of Toronto. Recently, they interrupted a first year engineering exam with a rap about the hardships of being an engineering student. The video has taken off on YouTube but hasn’t made the rounds on the blogosphere yet. I think it’s a matter of time.

2012 Toronto Indy Wrapup

The top level of open-wheel racing in North America went to Toronto for the 26th time this weekend. This weekend was a complete change from the previous IndyCar races around Exhibition Place in Toronto. The car was new, the engines were new and the crew in race control were new. Twenty-five cars raced around the streets of Toronto for the first of two Canadian stops on the IndyCar calendar led by Canadian drivers James Hinchcliffe and Alex Tagliani. Continue reading

The Humanoids: Bright Lights, Bigger City

As I’m wont to do when I get to travel to the centre of the universe, occasionally also referred to as Toronto, today’s column focuses on the small town perspective of the big city. I don’t really get to Toronto very often but I find it such a fascinating place to go. It’s so different from what I’m used to in my daily routine that it really can be a bit of a shock. After all, I come from a town where public transit consists of bus routes where you see the bus once an hour. Toronto has buses, subways, GO trains and streetcars. The big city certainly is a strange place. Continue reading

2011 Toronto Indy Wrapup

The streets of Toronto’s Exhibition Place have been the home to open-wheel racing in Canada since 1986. For the 25th time, IndyCar tore up the streets of downtown Toronto for Canada’s fastest street party. Twenty-six cars including Canadians Paul Tracy, Alex Tagliani and James Hinchcliffe made up the field for a race that was a complete demolition derby. Continue reading

The Humanoids: Back To T.O.

I consider it an event whenever I get to go to the big city. When you live in a city of some 70,000 people and you go to a city of some 6 million people, I think it qualifies as an event. Granted, I was just there about three weeks ago so maybe a return visit to Toronto isn’t as special this time around. But that doesn’t mean I can’t take another look at Canada’s biggest city which we derogatorily call “the center of the universe.” Continue reading

The Humanoids: From Downtown T.O.

This week’s abbreviated edition of The Humanoids is all about Toronto. I spent this week in the self-appointed Centre of the Universe and learned a few things about the town while I was down there. Let me preface this by saying that I don’t really hate Toronto. I only hate what it stands for… And I greatly dislike spending extended periods of time there. Continue reading