Sunday Link-Off: Law and Disorder

bridget-malcolm-victoriassecret-05It’s Sunday which means that it’s time for some links. I’ve dug up some news-ish links which includes a return of the Rob Ford crack tape story. I missed that story. Anyway, let’s start the day off with Australian model Bridget Malcolm.

Just when you thought that the Rob Ford crack tape scandal was over, it turns out that the police have the man selling the video and probably the video too. (Toronto Star)

Warren Kinsella says that the Toronto Police actually do have the Rob Ford crack video and it’s real. (Warren Kinsella)

In case you didn’t hear, Toronto Police shot a teenager with a knife on an empty streetcar nine times before tasering him. Not even slightly excessive force. (Vice)

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An Evening With Rich Christensen

When I interviewed Rich back on April 14th, I kept looking for the right word to describe him.  He would say something that would take me back a bit and I couldn’t think of the right word to describe it.  It was intense but that wasn’t the right word.  He wasn’t preachy, far from it. Although I’m not entirely sure my editing skill did him justice on that front.  The perfect word dawned on me as I edited the interview: Passionate. Continue reading

Lowdown Radio with Rich Christensen

On May 26th, we have a special episode of The Lowdown radio show. I interview Rich Chistensen. He is the creator of several of Speed Channel’s most popular shows including Pinks, Pinks All Out, Pass Time, and Drag Race High. For the whole show we talk about his new live drag racing show, ArmDrop Live, his work for Speed Channel, what he thinks about street racing, how much control he has over Pinks All Out and a short preview of the upcoming season.

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