How Good Kids Today Have It

The other day, my mom forwarded me this email just so I’d know once again how good I had it growing up. It’s the sort of thing that I figured everyone would get a laugh out of. Continue reading

When Drunks Attack The UWO Email System

We got a tip over Twitter that some drunk students stumbled across UWO’s mailing list for all students. Fortunately for us, UWO’s IT department hasn’t limited access to the mailing list which meant that early Sunday morning, students were bombarded with ridiculous emails. The emails had messages professing love for everyone to hatred of Queen’s to the library’s hours. Continue reading


Not News of the Week

Welcome to the tenth edition of the Not News of the Week: Your weekly reminder that if it’s not worth talking about, then it’s definitely not news.

The Palin family feud is officially underway. Levi Johnston, the guy that knocked up Sarah Palin’s then 17-year-old daughter, is spilling the beans on the secret life of the former governor of Alaska and 2012 presidential hopeful. Johnston says Palin’s reputation as a outdoorsy person is all hype as he’s never seen her touch a fishing pole and claims she can’t identify guns, let alone knows how to fire one. He also tries to debunk the myth that Palin was a good family woman saying that the family rarely talked or ate dinner together and Sarah and Todd’s marriage was teetering on the brink of divorce. Even if these accusations aren’t entirely true, they’re still going to hurt Palin’s planned presidential campaign. That and the fact that she’s, as McCain campaign workers so eloquently put it, inept, ignorant, and egocentric. Continue reading