Sunday Link-Off: The Drill

I think Jackie whiffed on his choice of linkdump eye candy yesterday. A craptacular looking new movie called “I Don’t Know How She Does It” opened this weekend. While it unfortunately stars Sarah Jessica Parker, it makes up for it with Christina Hendricks. Insert easy “I don’t know how she does it” joke here.

After the recent deaths of three NHL enforcers, Chris Jones catches up with former legendary enforcer “The Grim Reaper” Stu Grimson to talk about fighting in the NHL and the Western Canada “enforcer factory.” (Grantland)

One of the best game shows on TV is Jeopardy. It hasn’t gotten that way by remaining the same though. Here’s a look at the evolution of Jeopardy over the years. (GQ)

Speaking of TV, the most important person on your favourite morning show isn’t the host(s). It’s the guy that spends 24/7 looking for the next big guest to book. (Washington Post)

After the jump, who was actually nailin’ Palin, the oddest headline of the year, and taking down the Kardashians.

One of the funnier stories of the week is this upcoming Sarah Palin biography which claims several funny things about someone trying to be the next POTUS. The funniest revelation is her one-night-stand with former NBAer Glen Rice. (Deadspin)

People all over the place are weighing in on this Palin thing but no one had a better or funnier take than Mike Tyson. His take here is better than he was in The Hangover. (Larry Brown Sports)

There are other points of interest in the Palin biography. You can find them here. (BuzzFeed)

My Detroit Tigers finally clinched the AL Central Division on Friday night avoiding what us Tigers fans thought would be the inevitable September collapse. But if you thought that Verlander was the whole team, Jonah Keri uses fancy statistics (that I consider made-up by stats majors who don’t understand intangibles) to explain why a couple of other guys are just as important. (Grantland)

Fox is really looking to cash in on The Simpsons. They’re talking about launching a 24/7 Simpsons channel. (SlashFilm)

This headline is presented without commentary: Dwarf who played Gordon Ramsay in porn eaten by badgers. (Film Drunk)

George Lucas is a firm believer that films are never completed but abandoned. The problem is that his fans say that the trilogy should have left the editing room after 1983. (BBC)

Haven’t gotten your Star Wars fix yet? Maybe you can make do with this gallery of Star Wars food recreations. (Unreality)

Speaking of Lucas-ian things, Harrison Ford is willing to do Indiana Jones 5. He just wants to make sure the script makes sense this time before signing on. (Den Of Geek)

And keeping with sci-fi, here’s a timeline infographic documenting the history of Star Trek… In real life, not the Star Trek universe because JJ Abrams tried to erase it. (Space)

This video wins the internet. It’s a local news morning host mocking the Kardashian sisters immediately after interviewing them.

Your music mashup of the day. It’s Adele’s Rolling In The Deep mashed up with DragonForce’s Through The Fire And Flames (of Guitar Hero 3 fame).

And back to Star Wars for a minute. To promote the Blu-Ray trilogy, they lit up the BT Tower like a giant lightsaber.

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