Wednesday Link-Off: In The Gallery

In what could go down as the worst Maxim shoot ever, here’s Cameron Diaz. Cam, your best days are behind you. Be content to live off the residuals from There’s Something About Mary and Charlie’s Angels.

Sean Avery is making waves in the hockey world again but this time it’s for a good cause. Avery has publicly come out in favour of same-sex marriage. (Puck Daddy)

Coming soon is the behind-the-scenes book about ESPN. Well, the first excerpt has leaked and it’s pretty good… Even if all the names have been redacted. (Deadspin)

In not at all shocking news, reports say that the FIFA officials who hand out hosting rights to the World Cup are corrupt. Wait, did I say shocking? (The Big Lead)

After the jump, terrible new Scrabble words, scads of photo galleries and Jack Sparrow.

Remember that homeless guy with the golden voice? He’s spiralled back into drugs and lost his jobs. (With Leather)

Scrabble died on Monday. The latest edition of the book of Scabble words includes such craptacular words as “grrl” and “thang.” Kill me now. (

Interesting perspective article of the day: McDonald’s may be killing the middle class. (Salon)

Bill Murray (AKA Cuz) turned up at a random party again. The look on his face is priceless. (Uproxx)

Ever wonder what you couldn’t say on the PS3. The source code for Mortal Kombat has lots of interesting tidbits like that. (Lo-Ping)

Alright, photo gallery time! First, it’s a collection of celebrities that look like other celebrities. (DJ Mick)

And now classic movie photo gallery time… Actually, that’s really the next four. First, it’s classic movie posters if the movie was remade by Michael Bay. (Cracked)

On that note, here are 20 films reimagined if the plots revolved around food. Appropriately, this one comes from The Chive. (The Chive)

Anybody want 25 behind the scenes pics from the Star Wars trilogy? You do for #8. (Izismile)

And to celebrate May the 4th, here are 20 generally awesome photos of Darth Vader. (Heavy)

Never has local news gone to such an extent to lob a few double entendres into a morning news cast. KTLA examines the Shake Weight with amusing results.

The Lonely Island just released the video to their greatest song ever. Amazingly, Michael Bolton steals the show.

And for no real reason, here’s Manny Pacquiao’s entrance at his most recent fight with a live performance from a guy from Survivor.

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