F1 2011 Season Preview: Predictions

It’s time for the third and final part of our Formula One season preview. With the examination of the teams, drivers, and new rules out of the way, it’s time to put all of the information we have together for predictions for the 2011 season. Of course, the combination of the new rules and testing times is not necessarily an accurate portrayal of who’s fast which makes predicting the season a difficult proposition. However, as we like to say around here: We’re ambitious but rubbish. Continue reading

F1 2011 Season Preview: The Rules

Welcome to part two of our 2011 Formula One World Championship season preview. Today, we look at the new rules that have been implemented this season. In the continuous search to lower costs, level the playing field and increase the quality of races, the FIA have put into place several new rules for this season. Last year’s rules seemed to shakes things up enough to keep the whole season interesting. Will this year’s new rules make the racing better still? Continue reading

F1 2011 Season Preview: The Drivers and Teams

It’s that time of year again race fans. We’re days away from the V8 engines of the Formula One World Championship firing up in anger for the first time in 2011. Last season was a whole new game. Three new teams took to the track which brought the car count increase to 24 for the first time since 1997. All twelve teams return for 2011 which is an improvement over 1997 when there were 24 cars for only the opening race of the season. So to start our look at the 2011 F1 season, we look at the 12 teams that will be in the field and the drivers piloting the cars. Continue reading

Fantasy Racing Advice: March 11 – 13, 2011

Alright, last week’s picks didn’t go so well for me. I ended up 1678th out of 4500 in the Wind Tunnel Super 7 Sweep pool. It was still in the top half of the field but that’s what happens when Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson and Kevin Harvick (in NNS) all lay eggs. This week, the Camping World Truck Series is the only S7S series in action so I’m giving you my team for this week and why I think I’ve got the right team for the job. Continue reading

Fantasy Racing Advice: March 4 – 6, 2011

Since I fancy myself a bit of a fantasy racing guru thanks to a few weekly top ten finishes in Wind Tunnel’s Super 7 Sweep and a top fifty in their Chase for the Championship, I thought I would share my insights and luck with you folks here. Since my primary fantasy series is the Wind Tunnel Super 7 Sweep, I’ll be gearing my advice to that game. That may change if you tell me what some of the more popular games are. Then I can gear my advice to help you out.

For now, here’s my pick for this weekend’s action in motorsports. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Iced

Since Jamie Sale was iced from Battle of the Blades this week, let’s kick off the links with her.

The old Philadelphia Spectrum had one final big event before it was demolished. It had people come in and tear it apart from the inside. (Crossing Broad)

Ex-Queen’s Gaels’ QB Danny Brannagan took some snaps on Sunday for the Toronto Argonauts making him the first Canadian in a decade. Improvements in coaching in Canada would indicate that he might not be alone Canadian QB in the CFL ranks for long. (55-Yard Line)

Norman Chad really hit it out of the park this time. Here’s his take on ESPN’s never ending takeover of the sporting world with a look at “ESPN High School.” (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

After the jump, Joe Morgan fired, another Washington sports spelling mistake and a NASCAR fight. Continue reading

Provisional 2011 Formula One Schedule Announced

Yesterday, the FIA announced their provisional schedule for the 2011 Formula One World Championship. The season is being lengthened by one race to 20 Grands Prix because of the addition of the Indian Grand Prix. The rest of the events from this year’s calendar return, though some of their dates have been shuffled. Continue reading