Formula One 2013: What The Future Could Be

Autosport recently revealed some of the likely technical specifications for F1 starting in 2013. The cars look to be getting a complete overhaul as the rumour is that cars will be allowed to use the underbody of the cars to generate downforce (also called ground effect downforce) and with 1.6-litre turbocharged four cylinder engines. However, I think that F1 has missed a chance to make itself more relevant to motor industry and get some manufacturers back into the sport.

My proactive solution to the road F1 is planning to go down is after the jump. Continue reading

Formula One: Solving the Absense of Racing

In the week since the Bahrain Grand Prix, everyone has floated their own theory as to why the race was such a dull and dreary affair. The track, deservedly, gets much of the blame. The new refuelling ban and its effect on race strategy takes some of the blame, as well. However, as has been the focus for the last few years, the aerodynamics of the cars is at the centre of the firestorm. Not surprisingly, the advanced aero packages on the cars are being blamed for the lack of quality racing. However, there is already a solution being floated for another open-wheel series that should give F1 an idea of a way forward. Continue reading