Manti T’eo Link-Off: We’re Not Faking It

woman-silhouetteAs we are wont to do when there’s a big news story with a lot of info floating around the internet, we’re dedicating a special link-dump to cover the recent breaking story about Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend. We’ve gathered some of the most informative news pieces and best columns about this story into this handy post.

Since Lennay Kekua isn’t a real person, we don’t actually have a picture to start this post with. So we’re running with that picture to the right as the next best thing.

First, here’s the in-depth Deadspin investigation by Jack Dickey and Tim Burke that launched this story. (Deadspin)

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My Team’s Jumbotron Is Biggah Than Your-ahs: A Comparison of NFL Jumbotrons (Infographic)

No, I’m not trying to do a Tommy From Quiznee thing with that headline. I just thought it worked for the football theme of the post. With the NFL down to the final four teams, I though that this was as good a time as any to look at the jumbotrons of the NFL. With the Houston Texans planning to install 277 foot wide screens next season, they’ll have the biggest video screens in the league.

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Join The Lowdown Blog Football Pick’em Pool

After our fantasy pool filled up, we meant to open another one but slightly forgot. To make up for it, we’re opening up a more casual and less time-consuming football pick’em pool. All you have to do is join our pool on (link below) and pick the winner of each game. To make the barriers to entry even less, it’s a straight pick’em so you don’t have to worry about the spread.

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Join The Lowdown Blog Fantasy Football Pool

Are you ready for some football? The 2012 NFL season starts soon so we’re launching our second annual Lowdown Blog Fantasy Football Pool. The pool is hosted on and uses their scoring system. There are 16 spots in the league and it’s a public pool so anyone can join which means spaces will go quickly. Each team can start the ESPN default 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE), 1 Defence and 1 K.

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Brain Damage in the NFL (Infographic)

The one word that is becoming increasingly synonymous with the NFL is “concussion.” In June, more than 2,000 former players filed a lawsuit against the NFL claiming the league ignored the risks of head injuries as a result of playing in the NFL. In fact, a survey completed in 2000 showed that approximately 60% of NFL players have received at least one concussion. This probably isn’t the sort of thing that the NFL wants getting out there at the start of training camps. For this and more facts about head injuries in the NFL, we have a handy infographic for your perusal. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: The Great Debates

In our ongoing mission to bring more beautiful Canadians to your attention, here’s Canadian model Rachelle Goulding.

Forbes put together its annual list of the richest athletes in the world. To no one’s surprise, boxing biggest big fight dodger is #1. He might be the champ here but, just like his boxing titles, he’s just a paper champ until he faces Pacquiao. (Forbes)

Whether intentional or not, the WWE is creating a 21st Century version of Miss Elizabeth with AJ. (Grantland)

Steroids as a means of doping horses is no longer the only way to make horses run faster. Now, horses are licking frogs. No, that’s not a typo. (New York Times)

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Sunday Link-Off: The Aftermath

Back to back days with me? Bonus! Okay, nobody else is excited about back-to-back Steve. Maybe I can make up for it with Lindsay Ellingson. If there was such a thing as an underrated Victoria’s Secret angel, it would be her.

The NFL schedule came out last week. Since the NFL has a pretty rigid scheduling protocol, you’d think it would be pretty easy to put together a schedule. However, scheduling a 16-game schedule for 32 teams is a total nightmare. (New York Times)

Buzz Bissinger, one of my favourite sports writers, is allowed to cash in every now and then. He’s doing a follow-up book called “After Friday Night Lights.” Here’s an excerpt. (Grantland)

WWE announcers often like to refer to crowds who don’t follow the script as “bizarre.” However, crowds cheering and booing against the WWE’s wishes are becoming more the norm than the exception. (The Classical)

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Sunday Link-Off: Social Media Meltdown

It’s the end of another week so it’s time for another set of links. I was hoping to kick off this post with an as of yet undiscovered woman but the return of Jennifer Love Hewitt is definitely a treat.

Twitter is the current big social network but it has one small problem: Nobody at Twitter had any idea as to how to make money from the damn thing. (Gawker)

Social media has also brought to light LRA leader Joseph Kony. However, the Invisible Children charity that’s taken social networks by storm with their Kony 2012 video have taken care of a tweet first, ask questions later public to distort the facts surrounding their case. Here’s a breakdown of what’s really going on with Kony. (Foreign Policy)

The biggest benefit for Invisible Children from the Kony campaign is the increased fundraising. But that increased money that the charity is raising isn’t likely to support the cause. (Jezebel)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Super Wednesday

It’s the middle of the week which means it’s time for some more links. After yesterday’s Swimsuit Issue post, it’s only appropriate that I lead off with Canadian actress Jessica Pare. I figured I should mix things up.

CNBC sports business reporter was in Indianapolis for the Super Bowl. He also demonstrated his inexplicably large ego and poor judgement when he blasted the Playboy Playmates at Playboy’s party on Twitter. Then everyone fought back. (The Big Lead)

And if you think Rovell is bad at the Playboy Party, you should see him at the dry cleaner. (Food Court Lunch)

Also of note from the Super Bowl is MIA inexplicably flipping off the camera. But just how did the middle finger become such a profane gesture. (BBC)

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The Super Bowl and Beer (Infographic)

There aren’t many party days bigger than Super Bowl Sunday. There are big parties, vast quantities of food eaten and, of course, even more vast quantities of alcohol drunk. For the football fan, beer is the beverage of choice. Approximately 50 million cases of beer (for about 1,200,000,000 bottles/cans of beer) will be consumed on Sunday.

For a breakdown of what will be drunk and how much will be spent (among other interesting tidbits), we have an infographic about beer and the Super Bowl after the jump. Continue reading