Manti T’eo Link-Off: We’re Not Faking It

woman-silhouetteAs we are wont to do when there’s a big news story with a lot of info floating around the internet, we’re dedicating a special link-dump to cover the recent breaking story about Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend. We’ve gathered some of the most informative news pieces and best columns about this story into this handy post.

Since Lennay Kekua isn’t a real person, we don’t actually have a picture to start this post with. So we’re running with that picture to the right as the next best thing.

First, here’s the in-depth Deadspin investigation by Jack Dickey and Tim Burke that launched this story. (Deadspin)

Writer Tim Burke talked to the Poynter Institute about the investigation into the Te’o story and how the outcome reflected on the state of investigative journalism. (Poynter)

Poynter also talked to Deadspin editor-in-chief Tommy Craggs about editing the story and the reporting that went into it. (Poynter)

Burke’s been making the rounds in the media. He was on The Doug Gottlieb Show on CBS Sports Radio less than an hour after the story broke to give a few more details about the story. (CBS Sports)

The writer of the big SI cover story about Te’o, Pete Thamel, released his full interview transcript in light of recent revelations. (Sports Illustrated)

Just to make this story even stranger, an Arizona Cardinals fullback insists that Lennay Kekua is real. What the hell? (The Big Lead)

Now that we’ve established the story, people are asking why nobody figured out that Lennay Kekua was a hoax sooner. (Slate)

Slight stranger than the media not finding out is one Notre Dame student suggesting people on campus found the story suspicious. (College Spun)

The brass at Notre Dame refer to Te’o as the victim. Let’s not forget that there was a woman who was raped by a member of the Fighting Irish football team whose story was ignored by Notre Dame brass. (Jezebel)

One of the more popular theories floating around the internet is that Te’o wasn’t hoaxed but invented Kekua because he’s in the closet. (OutSports)

Bruce Arthur examines the web of lies that were weaved by Te’o and the sports media about his girlfriend and how it compares to other cover-up scandals in recent sports history. (National Post)

This story is so big that even Donald Trump gave Deadspin its due. Deadspin responded to Trump’s compliment the only way you should. (BuzzFeed)

How did this story play out in newspapers across America? Here’s a roundup of the various newspaper front covers about the Te’o story. (Sports Grid)

Is all the text a bit overwhelming? Don’t worry. It’s been summarized with memes. (With Leather)

Pictures aren’t your thing? How about the Taiwanese animated video?

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