Wednesday Link-Off: Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

gillian-jacobs-criticschoice15-01I think I’ve got a good mix of links today. We’ve got some stories about modern society and some about politics and some about FIFA. This has been a pretty interesting week so far and we’re really only two days into it. Granted, in my many years doing this blog, that usually means a dull back half of the week.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that it’s time for the links. Since Community just wrapped up Season Six, here’s Gillian Jacobs.

Here in longform news that is obvious any time people go on the internet: “Badly educated men in rich countries have not adapted well to trade, technology or feminism.” (The Economist)

Hilary Clinton might be the most popular politician in America. She’s so popular that the media machine that hates the Clintons might be broken by popular support to the contrary. (Vox)

Breaking news: Your scoop doesn’t matter any more. (Gawker)

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Wednesday Link-Off: The Stories Behind The Story

gillian-jacobs-flare14-02The way this week has gone, I think that we could use a little break. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to Tuesday and felt like I desperately need the weekend to come already. From a look at the news this week, I’d imagine a number of other people feel the same way.

Anyway, it’s time for the links. I don’t know when Community is back but that doesn’t mean that we can’t feature Gillian Jacobs.

While Sydney was gripped with a hostage crisis, the people of Sydney stood strong with the Muslims of the city. (The New Yorker)

Not everyone was civil about what was happening in Sydney. Uber gouged people looking for a ride in Sydney. (Gawker)

The key witness presented to the Grand Jury in support of Darren Wilson in the Michael Brown shooting may have lied about everything. (Gawker)

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Thursday Link-Off: Time Warp

Your regular mid-week links were pushed back to today so I could push our Save Community campaign. There is a Phase 2 for that but it can wait until next week. For now, here are Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs from Community.

By now, everyone has seen or heard Bob Costas’ interview of Jerry Sandusky. Was that a good idea to help his defense? (Sports Illustrated)

As I pointed out yesterday, NBC has pulled Community from the mid-season schedule. Here are the stages of Community grief. (Uproxx)

The NHL All-Star Game voting started this week. It’s time to begin Project Mayhem. (Puck Daddy)

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