Wednesday Link-Off: Zombie Attack

Between The Walking Dead season premiere and Halloween coming up, this week’s linkdump has all sorts of zombie stuff in it. Let’s kick this off with the very unzombie-like Kristen Stewart. But maybe that’s because she’s more into sparkly vampires instead of zombies. Of course, if the Twilight vampires and warewolves weren’t such wussy bitches, Kristen’s character would be a vampire or warewolf by now.

First, let’s give you the complete guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse. (New York Magazine)

Fortunately for the sane members of the public, the obsession with zombies has overshadowed the teenage obsession with sparkling vampires. But why exactly are people obsessed with zombies? (Grantland)

And the zombie apocalypse has hit home the most in Georgia where Atlanta has embraced its new role as the zombie capital of America. (New York Times)

After the jump, RIM tries to bounce back, Community wrinkles some brains and zombie Christopher Walken wants more cowbell.

A man who was wrongfully imprisoned for 26 years for murder won his first professional boxing fight after dominating his opponent. Then he promptly retired. (Deadspin)

Today in odd sports fandom, it’s NHL logos made out of food. (Puck Daddy)

To make up for the whole network crashing fiasco of last week, RIM is offering $100 of free apps to its users. (Gizmodo UK) Between this and the PSN crash, I’ve gotten a lot of free stuff lately.

But RIM is trying to move on from the crash with the announcement of the BBX operating system which is their new QNX-based operating system. (Gizmodo)

And speaking of apps, here are the 10 best cooking apps on Apple’s iOS hardware. (Bon Appetit)

You may not have known that last week’s Community episode wasn’t shown in order. Last week’s episode was supposed to be the third of the season but was shown fourth. Now the timeline with Jeff getting the pizza was treated as the real timeline but clues from the previous week’s episode indicates otherwise. Prepare for your brain to be wrinkled. (Warming Glow)

Speaking of brain wrinkling, somebody hacked the Sesame Street YouTube account and replaced the videos with porn. (CNN)

Remember that story last week about Kirsten Dunst not taking a movie role because her breasts were too big? Well, the director of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo said he didn’t give the lead role to Scarlett Johansson because her breasts were too big. (Film Drunk) Well, he’s right about one thing: Guys would all be waiting for the nude scene. However, I don’t follow his logic about ScarJo’s breasts being too big for the role. Maybe we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

Ubisoft is late to the music game genre with their game Rocksmith. It was designed to help you learn how to play a real guitar. But is it worth a buy? (Kotaku)

It’s time for lists/galleries. First up is the 60 coolest TV show title sequences of all-time. Naturally, it’s a let down at #1 but aren’t all lists that way. (Pajiba)

Since we mentioned Sesame Street’s porn-filled YouTube video above, here’s photos from the Occupy Sesame Street protest. (Uproxx)

And since we lead off with Halloween, here is a photo gallery of the best front yard Halloween displays. (Twisted Sifter)

Speaking of zombies and The Walking Dead, here’s the trailer for the upcoming TV show The Walken Dead. More cowbell!

And since I mentioned Community above, here’s a split-screen video of all seven timelines from last week’s Remedial Chaos Theory episode.

And speaking of scary stuff, here’s a spoof Pure Michigan ad for the Detroit Lions: The scariest team in the NFL.

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