Saving NBC’s Community: Phase One – Occupy

At the risk of sounding like I’m completely biased in this fight (which I am), those bastards at NBC are screwing us again. They’ve pulled Community from the mid-season schedule. While they say that the show hasn’t been cancelled, we can’t take this as an indication that the show won’t be cancelled. Industry insiders seem reasonably calm that the show will survive for another season because a fourth season will make it eligible to be syndicated which both NBC and Sony (Community’s studio) would benefit from.

I think it’s time we launch a pre-emptive strike to save one of the best shows on television. After all, similar fan campaigns have saved shows like Friday Night Lights. However, this needs a multi-pronged attack in order to ensure that our voices are heard. Phase One of our campaign to save Community is called Occupy. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Halloween Hangover

jewel-blender-017Welcome to the great link-off experiment. I’m back on the entertainment beat again. Leading things off is Jewel. Anyone else miss her? Not her music, just her.

Greatest comic strips ever. Mashing up classic comics strips with sci-fi characters. (Ryan Dunlavey)

This Star Wars comic proves that the Force is strong with this one. Apparently an adolescent sense of humour isn’t as strong, though. (Bad Librarianship)

The only thing worse than the Harry Potter movies and the last few Harry Potter books is having the name Harry Potter. (Daily Mail)

After the jump, movie news, how to survive the prime time armageddon caused by the World Series, and parking: you’re doing it wrong. Continue reading

Howard Stern Exposes Beyonce

God bless Howard Stern.  On his show today, Howard played a clip of Beyonce singing on NBC’s Today Show.  Except it wasn’t the performance that people watching live would have heard.  This is Beyonce singing along to her song while the recorded track was broadcast.  Listen to the clip here.

Howard also played Enrique Inglesias singing on the Today Show a while back.  Neither sound very good but at least we have supercomputers that can save us from our ears bleeding.  And I envy Jay-Z slightly less knowing that he has to listen to that.