Man Lab Link-Off: Giving Thanks

Since we’ve been on a bit of a Man Lab kick around Canadian Thanksgiving, we figured that you deserve some links. Did you know that it’s been four weeks since our last set of links from the Man Lab? To make up for that, let’s kick off this post with Kate Upton. The world’s been a better place since she popped up on the radar this year.

Let’s kick off this week’s MLLO with a look at 101 women who you might not have heard of before. Even if you have heard of some of them, it doesn’t hurt to see them again. (Guyism)

After the jump, picking up women on Facebook, tips for university students and a new classic Brooklyn Decker video. Continue reading


The College Sexicon

ABC News’ Nightline is considered a respectable news program in the world of American television (which is a relative thing). However, on Monday, they left the beaten path of important news to warn America of a peril that is sweeping the┬ácollege campuses of their great nation. Apparently, young people are having sex and talking about it online. Oh, the shock and horror of it all.

Getting past all the shock of the sleeping pensioners that “watch” Nightline, one good thing came out of last night’s episode. They’ve come up with a new “sex┬álexicon” of college hook-up terms for the over 65 crowd. I thought it was so good that we’re sharing their sexicon with you after the jump. Continue reading