Lowdown Radio Classic: February 5, 2008

With Jackie out of the HQ for the foreseeable future while in Australia. He also won’t be on the show for the next couple months. It’s actually not an unprecedented event to see Steve without his partner in crime. So to give you a taste what we’re all in for, here’s the last time Steve went solo. On this vintage episode, Steve has to fend for himself without Jackie. But the show starts with Jackie interviewing world renowned relationship expert Dr. Guy Grenier. Following that, Steve helps guys try to pick up women with a good car by visiting the Car Wall. Then Steve previews the UWO USC Presidential election that was eventually won by the evil Stephen Lecce. After the break, it’s entertainment complete with the single of the week. Sports and entertainment are briefly hybrided with a rundown of the Super Bowl 42 commercials. Next are some quick Valentine’s tips… That aren’t exactly great as is typical for The Lowdown. The show wraps up with the return of Oddsmakers. Classic Lowdown greatness that is often imitated but never, ever duplicated.

Click here to download the 10 MB podcast version.
Click here to download the 32 MB high-quality version.


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