What Your Valentine’s Day Gift Says About Your Relationship (Infographic)

Today’s the big day. Well, it’s really just the big day for chocolate makers, jewellery stores, florists and restaurants who will steal your money so you don’t screw up your relationship because of a holiday they created. Anyway, most guys think that a nice meal, some chocolate and a dozen roses covers things. However, the gift you buy is actually a reflection of what state your relationship is at. If you’re still not sure what your gift says about your relationship, we have an infographic (written by a website trying to sell you gifts for your significant other, mind you) to help you sort it out.

Via: Ultimate Coupons. Click image to enlarge.


4 thoughts on “What Your Valentine’s Day Gift Says About Your Relationship (Infographic)

  1. This is probably the most stupid thing I have ever seen in my 22 years of existence. Not everyone can afford to “spoil” their significant other just because of a holiday that was created simply to sell things. For example, going out to dinner to Olive Garden on Valentines day might be all he can afford. If you are really in love, then it shouldn’t matter if the restaurant is “fancy” or not. Stop promoting unhealthy relationships.


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