Wednesday Link-Off: Better Yet, Don’t Call Me

For a post-Memorial Day blog, I’ve ended up with more links than I expected. Usually this is one of the quieter blog weeks of the year. Christmas/New Year’s is the only quieter week. Out of spite, here’s Canadian actress Laura Vandervoort.

In case you didn’t know, the Department of Homeland Security is monitoring what you write on social networking sites. Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request, we now know which words trigger their filter. (Forbes)

The Republicans are bitching about how awful Obama is but some of his supporters aren’t too happy about the last four years either. (Gawker)

Boxer Johnny Tapia died this weekend. He was probably best known for having a 4-1 record against death having been pronounced clinically dead four times prior to the last time. (Deadspin)

After the jump, Star Trek’s lamest aliens, what went wrong at 38 Studios and a couple of good Call Me Maybe covers (if there is such a thing).

The Stanley Cup Final starts tonight. Here’s a statistical breakdown of how the Devils and Kings matchup. (Globe And Mail)

Gordon Ramsay got absolutely demolished at a charity soccer game. The denizens of the internet weren’t kind to his Wikipedia page. (Off the Bench)

Remember that ad for Sony’s MLB 12: The Show that had the Cubs winning the World Series? Well, here’s a behind the scenes look at how it was made. (Business Insider)

Coming soon to a comic book store near you is a comic that mashes up Doctor Who and Star Trek: The Next Generation. (Wired)

Speaking of Star Trek, there were many instances when the design department just phoned it in. It’s particularly obvious with these 20 lamest Star Trek aliens. (Topless Robot)

I’m pretty sure I’ve gone over this at some point before but here’s a discussion of what the policy should be on spoilers for TV and movies. (Bad Ass Digest)

Curt Schilling may be many things but probably won’t be accused of being a good business man. His video game developer, 38 Studios, went from releasing a game to bankrupt in February and laid off all employees inside four months. (Kotaku)

Sony looks like they could destroy themselves completely now. Sony Computer Entertainment America has patented technology which would allow them to drop ads into the middle of your game. (Joystiq)

The BBC needs to use something other than a single Google Image Search result for its news graphics. A Halo logo ended up being broadcast in the middle of one of their newscasts. (The Media Blog)

When my hard drive failed, I lost all my Mass Effect saves. Granted, it was the worst thing I lost but it was still annoying. As a contrast, here’s the story of Kotaku’s Kate Cox who was able to save her Mass Effect saves. (Kotaku)

Speaking of Mass Effect, BioWare is working with Deviant Art user to create some amazing looking ME hoodies. (Forbes) I’m torn between Mordin and Thane. Coincidentally, they were also my favourite ME2 characters.

Since last weekend was the biggest weekend in motorsports in the world, it’s appropriate to link to this list of the craziest chashes that people have walked away from. (Jalopnik)

Since the Stanley Cup Final starts tonight, here’s the Staples Center staff (including the LA Kings Ice Girls and TNT’s Craig Sager) doing a lip dub thing of Call Me Maybe. Best one so far, I’d say.

To balance that out, here’s a parody of Call Me Maybe.

Ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix, the BBC got a behind the scene’s look at Ron Howard’s movie on the 1976 Formula One World Championship battle between Niki Lauda and James Hunt.

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