Worst of Music Hall of Fame: Patrice Wilson

In my Worst of Music posts, I often refer to various singers as all-time WoM’ers or Hall of Famers. Today, I’ve decided to officially induct the first member of the Worst of Music Hall of Fame.

Today’s WoM HoFer isn’t a singer but a producer. He has two previous WoM winners with Rebecca Black’s Friday and Nicole Westbrook’s It’s Thanksgiving. The latest song that he’s produced to go viral may be the worst of the bunch and makes him our first ever three-time Worst of Music award winner and earned him a spot in the WoM Hall of Fame. His latest song is by a rapping duo called Tweenchronic and is called Skip Rope.

The song itself probably isn’t the worst that Patrice has ever written or produced. The rapping and lyrics are pretty generic and uninspired. The song is quite clearly not intended to ever get radio play. The backing hip-hop music is grating and there just isn’t a hook that would play well on radio.

Skip Rope is really just a video. The problem is that the video is absolutely terrible. The video is trying to follow in Gangnam Style’s footsteps by creating a dance (in this case, the titular “Skip Rope”) that goes viral. The problem is that all anyone takes out of this video is the implied use of drugs and alcohol by the kids in this video. Why the hell would anyone think it’s a good idea to make a video of kids rapping and include strong hints to drugs and alcohol? If the song wasn’t bad enough, the video is so much worse.

So congrats, Patrice. Not only was this latest production of yours bad enough to win this week’s Worst of Music award but it earned you a spot in the Worst of Music Hall of Fame.

Have a better WoM candidate for next week? Drop it in the comments.

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