et geekera’s Fifteen Favourite Games of 2015

How about one last blog post before we close down for the Christmas break? At this time of year (okay, often sooner for everyone else), everyone does their year-end lists. As is tradition for etg, we close the year with our favourite games of the year. I think this year will be the last time we do the 15 for 15 thing because it was very hard getting to 15 games. Next year will probably be a top ten or something.

For now, here is our list of our fifteen favourite games of 2015. They may not be the best games of 2015 but they are the ones that I loved the most.

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The Lowdown Annual: 2015

With another year having come and gone, I thought it was time to look back at the best of the past 12 months here on The Lowdown Blog. We integrated more video game and entertainment content. The Hottest Canadian bracket made a comeback this year. There were a few theme weeks and long-form content posted this year. No, this might not have been our most read year in the blog’s history but I’m quite happy with the content we’ve been putting out.

So let’s look back at the year with our most read posts from 2015 and the most read posts overall in 2015.

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Fails of the Year 2015

Usually, when we do our fails posts, it’s the best fails we’ve found from the last short stretch of time. This week, we have some compilations of the best fails from the past twelve months in the Fails of the Year.

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Worst of Music Retrospective: United States of Pop 2015

I don’t think that we’ve done a Worst of Music post since this time last year. It’s not that music has gotten any better. I’m just avoiding any of the hits stations as much as possible. If you go off the Billboard path, you can find some pretty good music. This year, I’ve discovered Deafheaven and Sleater Kinney so it’s not like music is all terrible. Just mostly terrible.

Since most of the internet has gone into year-in-review mode, I thought that we’d do our usual retrospective of the worst music of 2015. But why do I have to do anything when I can use DJ Earworm’s annual mashup of the top 50 pop hits of the year to recap the year in bad music. Apart from Adele. She’s alright.

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My Most Anticipated Games of 2015

Since we did our look back at 2014 last week, it only makes sense to use a video games post exactly one week later to look forward. It’s only logical to follow-up on our list of our favourite games of 2014 with a look at the games that we’re most excited about in 2015 with the Most Anticipated Games of 2015.

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