Greed isn’t Good: Why Supply-Side Economics Doesn’t Work

Despite his numerous gaffes, including but not limited to offending foreign allies, calling 47% of Americans freeloaders, suggesting that airplanes need windows that roll down and blaming Obama for the unrest in the Middle East that resulted in the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Mitt Romney is still reasonably close to President Obama in the polls.

The main reason why Romney is still in the race (apart from bias of the electorate) is that he is being portrayed as the candidate with a plan for economic recovery. The problem I have with Romney’s economic plan is that there’s no detailed plan in place. However, we know the basic of the Romney plan. It will involve tax cuts for the rich and corporations and government spending cuts to balance the budget. This is called supply-side economics. Recent history shows that supply-side economics don’t work. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Roll Up Your Windows

If you hate my political coverage, you’ll hate my Friday column in which I explain why supply-side economics doesn’t actually work and give you the evidence to back that claim up. Anyway, on with the show. Let’s start with the newly single Amy Poehler who’s making Will Arnett look like a fool for divorcing her.

Mitt Romney has the perfect replacement for Obamacare. Since emergency rooms have to provide care people who come in, they can just go to an emergency room if they need it. The irony is that was the same logic that led him to create Romneycare. (Gawker)

Romney is all about cutting back government subsidies but did you know that government subsidies were the only thing that gave him enough money to get the Salt Lake City Olympics to actually happen. (Deadspin)

One of the arguments for the high pay of corporate executives is that they have special skills and experience that entitles them to that pay. However, a new study shows that these skills are specialized to one company and circumstance so there really isn’t any demand for their services. (New York Times)

After the jump, Romney’s epic airplane window fail, a tutorial with Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Al Bundy and the original worst referee call ever. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Very Taxing

You know, I’ve never quite figured out why I run the Sunday links at 8:00 AM. The only reason I’m up this early is to watch an F1 race, such as today’s Singapore Grand Prix which I’ll recap on Monday. Maybe next week, we’ll back the links up to 9:00 AM. Anyway, let’s start today off with Dutch model Bregje Heinen.

Fox News says bringing up something Romney said four months ago is unfair. However, it’s more than fair to bash Obama over something his said 14 years ago. That’s just one of the many reasons that Jon Stewart calls Fox News BULLSHIT MOUNTAIN! (Mediaite)

A 12-year-old boy penned a letter to Mitt Romney explaining to Mittens why his plans are horrible for America. A 12-year-old boy understands the basics of human decency but the Republican Party doesn’t. Says it all, doesn’t it? (Huffington Post)

Mitt Romney released his 2011 tax returns. There are still a bunch of things he’s not telling us about his finances, though. (Think Progress)

After the jump, the latest breakthrough in FTL travel, why you shouldn’t hate read and a special message from the West Wing. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Foot In Mouth… Again

If you’re reading this, you’ve survived half a week without NHL hockey thanks to that moronic lockout (though both sides are being ridiculous). You’ve also managed to get through the latest political BS in the US Presidential election. To take your mind off all this, here’s up and coming model Cameron Russell.

If the Libya gaffe wasn’t bad enough, could his anti-47% position finally finish off Mitt Romney? (Mother Jones) The question now becomes if anyone not planning to vote for Obama in the 47% recognize that they’re in the 47% and change their vote because Romney isn’t interesting helping them.

The Romney campaign isn’t just splintering in front of our eyes but behind the scenes. There’s a lot of blame going around for why the campaign is faltering. (Politico)

Author Michael Lewis wrote a lengthy profile of President Barack Obama based on some six months spent with the President. (Vanity Fair)

After the jump, more on Romney’s quote about 47% of Americans, hockey links to keep you sane and the comedians’ national anthem. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Foot In Mouth

I didn’t realize until yesterday that I’m a bit behind on writing posts for the upcoming week. We’ve got F1 Power Rankings and a Barrett-Jackson preview later this week. Anyway, with the new TV season starting soon, here’s one of the stars of Homeland, Morena Baccarin. You probably remember her from another show, though.

Mitt Romney did his best to shoot his presidential campaign in the foot. He had a massive gaff over the attack on the US Consulate in Libya. (Washington Post)

If his statement proved anything, it’s that Mitt Romney just isn’t ready to lead America. (Talking Points Memo)

It’s not just the “liberal media” who are giving Romney a hard time over his Libya statement. Even Republican foreign policy experts are embarrassed by what he said. (BuzzFeed)

After the jump, Fox News’ blatant anti-Obama work, a look back at the Summit Series and the story behind the SportsCenter theme. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Millions of Dollars

It’s the end of the week which means it’s time for an end of the week set of links. We’ve got the return of a couple of regular features this week on the blog this week which will be fun as always. Anyway, let’s hit the road starting with Canadian model Kim Cloutier.

Mitt Romney keeps claiming that he’s going to save Medicare by killing Obamacare. The problem is that his plan will bankrupt the Medicare trust before the end of his first term in office. (Talking Points Memo)

By the way, this election is about the economy. However, even Mitt Romney says that big businesses are doing fine. That doesn’t mean he’ll back off on the corporate tax cuts. (Think Progress)

Who is going to pay for continuing corporate tax cuts? It’ll be the middle class to the tune of about $2,000 per year. (Center for American Progress Action Fund)

After the jump, Mitt’s secret Cayman finances have been leaked, is the Joe Paterno biography a fair representation of the man or a defence and Toronto Batman makes his return. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Too Legit To Quit

I have to give Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin credit for inspiring the post’s title. However, he’s not too legit to quit. He’s just too oblivious to quit. Anyway, let’s change pace for a moment and start with Irina Shayk.

Mitt Romney thinks the Democrats are making a mountain over a molehill when it comes to his income taxes. However, he has a history of lying to the public about his taxes. (The Raw Story)

The Romney/Ryan campaign is taking Obama to task for shifting money from Medicare to Obamacare cutting Medicare. However, their plan for “saving Medicare” won’t do seniors any good as they plan on raising the eligibility age. (Think Progress)

Let’s break up the action with a Chinese political scandal. What goes for a Chinese political scandal, you ask? Photos leaked of high-ranking Communist Party officials having an orgy. (Gawker)

After the jump, Todd Akin isn’t alone in his backwards beliefs, NBC goes big (presumably before the network goes home for good) and Bill Ghostbustin-Ass Murray. Continue reading