Wednesday Link-Off: Foot In Mouth… Again

If you’re reading this, you’ve survived half a week without NHL hockey thanks to that moronic lockout (though both sides are being ridiculous). You’ve also managed to get through the latest political BS in the US Presidential election. To take your mind off all this, here’s up and coming model Cameron Russell.

If the Libya gaffe wasn’t bad enough, could his anti-47% position finally finish off Mitt Romney? (Mother Jones) The question now becomes if anyone not planning to vote for Obama in the 47% recognize that they’re in the 47% and change their vote because Romney isn’t interesting helping them.

The Romney campaign isn’t just splintering in front of our eyes but behind the scenes. There’s a lot of blame going around for why the campaign is faltering. (Politico)

Author Michael Lewis wrote a lengthy profile of President Barack Obama based on some six months spent with the President. (Vanity Fair)

After the jump, more on Romney’s quote about 47% of Americans, hockey links to keep you sane and the comedians’ national anthem.

Here’s a look at Mitt Romney’s hated 47%. They aren’t exactly the freeloaders that Mittens makes them out to be. (Yahoo News)

The man who held the fundraiser where this Romney video was taken is a true Republican. He’s a hedge fund manager known for throwing “sex parties.” (Gawker)

Ever wonder how Monsanto became this massive and slightly evil chemical giant? It happened when getting consulting work done by Bain Capital under the leadership of Mitt Romney. (The Nation)

Rick Santorum says that only morons vote Republican. At least, that’s the only logical conclusion one can draw from Santorum saying smart people don’t vote Republican. (Gawker)

One of the actresses in the controversial Innocence of Muslims movie which is causing riots in predominantly Muslim nations speaks out about how the actors knew nothing about the movie’s offensive content. (Movieline)

Good news: Voters in Colorado are polling in favour of decriminalizing marijuana. Fortunately, there are still sane people in America. (Denver Post)

The latest on Julian Assange indicates that there is no DNA evidence tying Assange to what he’s accused of in Sweden. Maybe the charges ar ejust a plot to extradite him to the US. (RT News)

With the NHL locked out, let’s do some hockey stories. An excerpt from a new book about Gary Bettman talks about what he was doing while Vancouver burned. (Deadspin)

Meanwhile, in Croatia, a pair of Swiss league games were played in a Roman amphitheatre. (Off The Bench)

Donald Trump should take time out of being a political know-nothing to take care of his own affairs. The restaurant in Trump Tower Toronto is in a pretty poor state. (

Who are the people camping out early for the iPhone 5? No one interested in buying and keeping the latest Apple product. (Fortune)

Here are 15 things you’ll never hear gamers say. I’m surprised there was only one EA comment. (Dorkly)

If comedians had a national anthem, it would go something like this.

For two guys who as different as President Obama and Mittens W. Romney, they sure do say a lot of the same things.

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