Sunday Link-Off: Fact Check

I tried something new with the last linkdump and am doing this same this time out. It’s just a subtle reordering of links. The same sort of content there but now news comes ahead of sports. Anyway, let’s kick off with Canadian model Andi Muise. See, somethings don’t change.

Mitt Romney says he’s going to turn America around and save the middle class. But how the hell is he going to do that if he slashes Amtrak funding and won’t give the middle class a tax cut? (Huffington Post)

The Romney/Ryan campaign are also claiming that Obama is destroying Medicare while they’ll save it. ABC has done some fact checking and, wouldn’t you know it, they’re stretching the truth and talking out of their asses. (ABC News)

The NHLPA made their first CBA proposal last week. What does it actually say and what does it mean for ongoing negotiations? (Sportsnet)

After the jump, more on Romney/Ryan, two TV pilots have started bidding wars and NASA is a pretty cool bunch.

Back to the middle class for a moment. Mitt Romney thinks increasing productivity leads to increased wages which will help American prosperity. The only problem is that he and his one-percenter friends see their company’s productivity well out pace what gets passed onto the workers. (The Century Foundation)

Barack Obama isn’t the only one who wants to draw attention to the plight of Mitt Romney’s dog Seamus who was strapped to the roof of Mitt’s car for a family road trip. New wave band Devo is writing their own ode to Seamus. (Washington Post)

Paul Ryan has mentioned how he is a fan of Rage Against The Machine and what they stand for. However, RATM guitarist Tom Morello doesn’t want Ryan’s support because he is the machine that RATM rages against. (Rolling Stone)

Let’s change the focus to technology for a moment. Windows 8 is only two months from release. So how does it stack up to the outgoing Windows 7? (Techspot)

Jay-Z may only own about 0.067% (or one-fifteenth of one percent) of the Brooklyn Nets. However, he’s definitely more than your typical silent celebrity investor. (New York Times)

Next week, Yankee Stadium and Citi Field will host tests of two prospective baseball replay systems. Maybe Bud Selig has finally realized that his game could afford to evolve beyond the 19th century. (New York Post)

Stan Lee did a Reddit AMA. Naturally, he did it in his own Stan Lee sort of way. (Gamma Squad)

The 2012-13 TV season hasn’t started yet but bidding for 2013-14 pilots is well underway. Michael J. Fox is making a comeback to weekly TV and everyone wants that series. (Vulture)

Parks And Rec might not be a ratings hit and NBC might hate it (but they’re shifting away from smart comedies so there’s no accounting for taste) but show creator/runner Michael Schur’s new pitch has started another multi-network bidding war. (Deadline)

Speaking of smart comedies, here are the outtakes videos from Season 3 of Community. (SplitSider)

Only one video game link today. It’s a video interview with the Senior Producer of F1 Race Stars about how the game will be different from traditional cart games. (Game Trailers)

What would happen if NASA employees let their hair down. The best LMFAO parody ever. See, you don’t need to do Call Me Maybe to be relevant.

I can’t think of a better way to intro this next video so I’ll use the video’s description: A trailer for the psychological thriller “Ghost Tits” — the story of a man whose life is turned upside down when his girlfriend’s breasts suddenly disappear.

This is probably the best way to get revenge on someone for stealing a parking spot you’ve been waiting for.

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