Sunday Link-Off: Foot In Mouth

I didn’t realize until yesterday that I’m a bit behind on writing posts for the upcoming week. We’ve got F1 Power Rankings and a Barrett-Jackson preview later this week. Anyway, with the new TV season starting soon, here’s one of the stars of Homeland, Morena Baccarin. You probably remember her from another show, though.

Mitt Romney did his best to shoot his presidential campaign in the foot. He had a massive gaff over the attack on the US Consulate in Libya. (Washington Post)

If his statement proved anything, it’s that Mitt Romney just isn’t ready to lead America. (Talking Points Memo)

It’s not just the “liberal media” who are giving Romney a hard time over his Libya statement. Even Republican foreign policy experts are embarrassed by what he said. (BuzzFeed)

After the jump, Fox News’ blatant anti-Obama work, a look back at the Summit Series and the story behind the SportsCenter theme.

Mitt Romney doesn’t think his tax plan will harm the middle class. That’s because the middle class makes $200,000 to $250,000 per year. (Huffington Post)

Before anyone criticizes the “liberal media,” let’s look at the other side of the coin. The conservative “media,” AKA Fox News, has spent the last four years trying to get rid of President Obama. (Media Matters)

Economist Paul Krugman has weighed in on Obama’s jobs policies. Even he thinks the Republican’s obstructionist politics have prevented Obama from helping the economy and job levels recover to their fullest potential. (New York Times)

Who doesn’t love an easy to follow infographic? Here’s one comparing the economic impacts of the Democratic and Republican immigration platforms. (Think Progress)

One of the State Department officials killed in Libya was Sean Smith. You may not have heard of him but he was a power player in the online MMO game EVE Online. Here’s a remembrance penned by one of his clanmates. (The Mittani)

Since we won’t have hockey for a while this year, let’s look back at hockey of yesteryear starting with the 1972 Summit Series. (Globe & Mail)

Deadspin has The Iron Sheik write about fights found on YouTube. That’s not what I want to talk about though. Check out the featured comment which examines if Sheik actually writes his own Tweets. (Deadspin)

Did you know that Guy Fieri opened a new restaurant in Times Square? Initial reviews aren’t promising. (Warming Glow)

Since I led off with a Whedon favourite, I should mention that his version of Much Ado About Nothing was a hit at TIFF. (NPR)

This week was an interesting one in gaming. Apple unveiled their more powerful iPhone 5. Nintendo unveiled the Wii U. Oh, and we found out that Microsoft wants to build a holodeck. (Ars Technica)

Ever wonder how to make a GIF? All you need is a video, Photoshop and this guide. (Gizmodo)

You’ve heard the song, now meet the man behind the famous SportsCenter theme song.

What happens when Bill Clinton’s DNC speech gets mashed up with NBA Jam? He’s on fire!

Somebody who is either a genius or insane (though they are often two sides of the same coin) recreated Final Fantasy VII in LittleBigPlanet 2. What does it say about the community when they push the in-game level creation tools farther than the developers?

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