Wednesday Link-Off: Foot In Mouth… Again

If you’re reading this, you’ve survived half a week without NHL hockey thanks to that moronic lockout (though both sides are being ridiculous). You’ve also managed to get through the latest political BS in the US Presidential election. To take your mind off all this, here’s up and coming model Cameron Russell.

If the Libya gaffe wasn’t bad enough, could his anti-47% position finally finish off Mitt Romney? (Mother Jones) The question now becomes if anyone not planning to vote for Obama in the 47% recognize that they’re in the 47% and change their vote because Romney isn’t interesting helping them.

The Romney campaign isn’t just splintering in front of our eyes but behind the scenes. There’s a lot of blame going around for why the campaign is faltering. (Politico)

Author Michael Lewis wrote a lengthy profile of President Barack Obama based on some six months spent with the President. (Vanity Fair)

After the jump, more on Romney’s quote about 47% of Americans, hockey links to keep you sane and the comedians’ national anthem. Continue reading