Saturday Link-Off: Tryptophan Hangover

miesha-tate-fitnessgurls13-02It’s the final day of November and WordPress hasn’t let us turn on the Christmas lights yet. I thought they’d turn on the Christmas decorations for the blog come Thanksgiving but they seemed to miss that. Oh well. I guess that means that we just carry on with the links. Since there was an Ultimate Fighter episode on last night, let’s start with Miesha Tate.

There really isn’t anyone or anywhere the NSA won’t spy. They even conspired with the Canadian government to spy on the 2012 G20 summit in Toronto. We can’t trust any government now, can we? (The Globe & Mail)

Edward Snowden also let us in on the fact that the NSA spies on porn watching to discredit targeted persons. (Huffington Post)

Ever wonder if Black Friday acts as any sort of economic indicator about consumer spending? There’s a chart to answer that. (Washington Post)

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Wednesday Link-Off: The Story Beyond The Story

maria-sharapova-esquiremexico13-05It’s the middle of the week which means that it’s time for some links. Are you ready for life without Google Reader? Because starting next Wednesday, the linkdump might be in some trouble while I figure out how to do RSS without Google Reader. In the meantime, normal programming continues. Since Wimbledon is this week, let’s kick off this post with Maria Sharapova.

Ezra Klien and Evan Soltas have an interesting theory about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. He doesn’t exist and is actually an NSA creation to distract the press from digging into PRISM. (Wonkblog)

David Gregory thinks Glenn Greenwald should be charged with aiding and abetting Snowden because DG has no respect for journalism. (Freedom of the Press Foundation)

Yesterday, the US Supreme Court axed a key part of the Voter Rights Act. That’s going to allow some serious skewing of electoral districts and may disinfranchise minorities. (The Guardian)

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