Wednesday Link-Off: The Political Divide

lais-ribeiro-victoriassecret15-01I’ve come down quite quickly with some sort of flu but that didn’t stop me from watching the first 45 minutes of Alberta election results. When I left it, the NDP were poised to score a majority government. With 40 years of Conservative rule to end with the NDP taking over, Stephen Harper must be shitting himself at the possibility of such a revolution topping his Conservative’s Western power base.

Anyway, I need to wrap this up quickly because I feel like death warmed over. Kind of like the Alberta Conservatives. It’s time for us to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Lais Ribeiro. I’ll get through the weird and random pictures from the Met Gala for the next linkdump.

The Baltimore sun got a fascinating behind the scenes look at the Baltimore PD’s Freddie Gray investigation. (Baltimore Sun)

A new poll suggests that the US is experiencing a massive racial divide after the events of the last few years in Florida, Ferguson and Baltimore, among other lower profile incidents. (Wall Street Journal)

The Governor of Texas has deployed the Texas State Guard to watch over a US Special Forces training exercise in case they try to take over the state. I’m not kidding. (NPR)

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Wednesday Link-Off: 1-7 Nation Army

lais-ribeiro-victoriassecret14-02Well, that was a soccer game yesterday. I was expecting to be talking about a Brazil final with Argentina but that’s definitely not happening now. So I guess we’ll see who will be the second team in the World Cup final later today.

In the meantime, there’s lots more happening in the world than a bit of soccer. But let’s start this off by cheering up the Brazilians with Lais Ribeiro.

Warren G. Harding is often considered one of America’s worst Presidents. If not for a cover-up of a lengthy affair, Harding may never have won the Presidency. (New York Times)

Major Canadian law firm Heenan Blaikie collapsed earlier this year. Here’s a look at what went happened. (Canadian Lawyer)

The BBC is taking the first step to clean up the news. They’ve banned giving equal time to climate change deniers. It’s just the facts from now on. (Salon)

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Man Lab Showdown: Barbara Palvin vs. Lais Ribeiro

For the return from hiatus edition of the Man Lab Showdown, we have a battle between two of Victoria’s Secret’s newest stars. Among the latest new crop of Victoria’s Secret hires, these two seem to have become the most popular. In one corner is Barbara Palvin, a Hungarian newcomer to Victoria’s Secret who has only modelled for them since the start of the year. In the other, Lais Ribeiro from Brazil who has burst onto the scene with two commercials for Victoria’s Secret over the last year. Both are in for a long future in the spotlight as they’re both under 20 years old.

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