Wednesday Link-Off: 1-7 Nation Army

lais-ribeiro-victoriassecret14-02Well, that was a soccer game yesterday. I was expecting to be talking about a Brazil final with Argentina but that’s definitely not happening now. So I guess we’ll see who will be the second team in the World Cup final later today.

In the meantime, there’s lots more happening in the world than a bit of soccer. But let’s start this off by cheering up the Brazilians with Lais Ribeiro.

Warren G. Harding is often considered one of America’s worst Presidents. If not for a cover-up of a lengthy affair, Harding may never have won the Presidency. (New York Times)

Major Canadian law firm Heenan Blaikie collapsed earlier this year. Here’s a look at what went happened. (Canadian Lawyer)

The BBC is taking the first step to clean up the news. They’ve banned giving equal time to climate change deniers. It’s just the facts from now on. (Salon)

Speaking of just the facts, Sarah Palin is making up reasons to impeach President Obama. The thing is that she might just ruin the GOP’s chances in the mid-term elections if anyone in Congress takes up her cause. (Maddow)

Now that we’ve reached the final stages of the 2014 World Cup, what have we learned about the current state of football? (Daily Telegraph)

At least one FIFA official has run afoul of the law, even if it isn’t for bribery. The chief executive of a FIFA partner company has been arrested over illegal ticket sales. (BBC News)

Zoo With Roy came up with a great Brazilian flag photoshop during yesterday’s game and tweeted it. Chances are that you saw that on Twitter from @MensHumour but that’s because that’s a plagiarist account. (Zoo With Roy)

Speaking of that soccer game, as of writing, the mass riots prediction didn’t pan out but there was still trouble on Copacabana Beach after the match. (Mirror)

We know Seinfeld had a massive impact on TV but didn’t you know that it had a major economic impact outside TV land too? (Vulture)

Have you read about leaked scripts for Batman v. Superman? It could be a fake script written by Kevin Smith to throw everyone off. (Gamma Squad)

Comedy seems to be dying in Hollywood. Maybe comedy films would make money if they weren’t so shit. (The Atlantic)

Dave Chappelle is back and doing stand-up. Here’s his take on Donald Sterling.

This season isn’t going particularly well for Kimi Raikkonen but maybe he can drop F1 for lawn mower racing.

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