Wednesday Link-Off: The Political Divide

lais-ribeiro-victoriassecret15-01I’ve come down quite quickly with some sort of flu but that didn’t stop me from watching the first 45 minutes of Alberta election results. When I left it, the NDP were poised to score a majority government. With 40 years of Conservative rule to end with the NDP taking over, Stephen Harper must be shitting himself at the possibility of such a revolution topping his Conservative’s Western power base.

Anyway, I need to wrap this up quickly because I feel like death warmed over. Kind of like the Alberta Conservatives. It’s time for us to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Lais Ribeiro. I’ll get through the weird and random pictures from the Met Gala for the next linkdump.

The Baltimore sun got a fascinating behind the scenes look at the Baltimore PD’s Freddie Gray investigation. (Baltimore Sun)

A new poll suggests that the US is experiencing a massive racial divide after the events of the last few years in Florida, Ferguson and Baltimore, among other lower profile incidents. (Wall Street Journal)

The Governor of Texas has deployed the Texas State Guard to watch over a US Special Forces training exercise in case they try to take over the state. I’m not kidding. (NPR)

Canadian conservative pundit Ezra Levant outed Postmedia for their pro-Conservative Party trickery. Postmedia HQ ordered their big Alberta papers to endorse the Conservative Party in the upcoming election. (Canadaland)

While you would think that Americans wouldn’t want a female President, they’re actually far more supportive of a female president than many other ways to describe potential candidates. (Washington Post)

German reporters went to Qatar to investigate the 2022 World Cup. They were detained and had their material erased. (Russia Today)

How backwards is the PGA’s social media policy? They pulled the credentials of a reported because she used Periscope to stream part of a practice round. (

So those polls that the WWE runs on their app are actually legitimate. Roddy Piper didn’t believe it either. (Kevin Eck Wrestling)

New York Magazine talks about “the dadbod.” I don’t know what that means but maybe it means that women don’t necessarily go solely for looks… Shut up, Jackie! (NY Mag)

Anna Kendrick did an interview with the NYT where she sang her answers. Not that I needed that as an excuse for an AK47 link. Did you ever notice what her Twitter handle is? (New York Times)

Missed Mayweather/Pacquiao? Here it is in NES form.

This could be the best or worst thing you’ve ever seen. I’m saying best. It’s a Stannis Baratheon hype video.


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