Wednesday Link-Off: Alcohol is the Answer

jessiqa-pace1Headlining the post in Jessiqa Pace. She was on a sign for Martini & Rossi at the Monaco Grand Prix. The drivers insisted that the sign was changed or taken down because they found it distracting. I can understand why. After the jump, ESPN synced the tapes of Lebron’s game winning three and the Cleveland news crew watching it in the studio.

We all know celebrities like to use their connections to get good seats at sporting events. Apparently, Drew Barrymore doesn’t just have ticket connections but also some with the beer vendors. (Steady Burn)

Speaking of booze, the taps will be dry in Rome for this afternoon’s EUFA Champions League final in Rome. Another shot in the war against hooliganism. (BBC) Our Lowdown radio soccer expert is in Rome. He’s likely crying into his near-beer as we read. Nah, he’ll be hammered by now.

What do you do when your bank gives you £4 million more than you asked them for? You transfer it offshore and get the hell out of the country. (Guardian)

This is a textbook example of irony: A man named as the most litigious man in the world by the Guinness World Records people is suing them. He claims they’re printing false information and calling him unflattering names. (Spokesman-Review)

While everyone complains about how expensive tickets are to the new Yankee Stadium, there is an upside. One Time Magazine reporter found a loophole in the all-you-can-eat food deal you get with Legends Suite seating. (Time)

Text messaging is destroying today’s youth. OMG! Won’t somebody spare a thought for the parents who may be paying for it. (New York Times)

4Chan is at it again. They uploaded a bunch of porn on to YouTube but hid it under titles like “Hannah Montana” and “Jonas Brothers”. I would insist that someone think of the children but, using my theory of kids finding out stuff, they would know about that before they’re teenagers. If the internet doesn’t get them, sex ed will. (BBC)

A nudity complaint about a topless bar? Is that really necessary? Wait, it was a topless donut shop? How has that not caught on in Canada, the home of the donut? (AP/Yahoo)

The plasticine garden just won’t go away. Especially now that it is going to be turned into a permanent exhibit at a location to be disclosed later. It’s a made-for-TV-special monster. (Daily Telegraph)

Coca-Cola would be proud. Traces of cocaine were found in Red Bull cola. Cola historians would know that Coca-Cola originally contained cocaine, hence the name “Coca”. (Daily Mail)

It’s a new world record! A grandmother in Atlantic City broke the world record for the longest craps roll by over an hour. (WPVI)

If they can’t spell their team’s name right, did you think that the Washington Nationals could spell the name of a former president? (D.C. Sports Blog)

Men all over the world will shed a tear when they hear about this. Hef is considering selling Playboy. (Daily Telegraph)


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